Windham Wednesday - Moonstruck Fabrics

Moonstruck Quilt - 62" x 62"

See the fabric swatches at the Windham Fabrics web site.
Fabrics are availble in quilt shops September 1, 2012
This will be a FREE PATTERN in August!

Here is a sneak peek at some upcoming fabrics and the pattern I have designed to go with them.

Today I feature the two blocks (same pattern, different center 1/4 circle) which will make up the full quilt, size 62" x 62". The fun part of this quilt is that it uses 16 of these blocks in a fun arrangement.

I will reveal more of this pattern, along with the full instructions as I finish sewing the blocks.

Don't be afraid of curved piecing; I have a no-fail approach that is sure to bring more than one "aha" moment! So, stay tuned for more "reveal" and the pattern, with full size templates.
Moonstruck Block #2 - 9" x 9"


  1. I love your quilt and I love the fabric line! Where did you get the stripe? There isn't a stripe shown on Windham's webpage for the Moonstruck fabrics. Can't wait for your pattern -- I think I might have to add it to my list of 'to make' quilts!

  2. Laurie. They have since discontinued that stripe (ie, before the fabric went to print). I hope to post the pattern as soon as Windham puts it all together into a pdf on their web site (even tho I wrote it). I'm almost done sewing the blocks. Thanks for your kind words about the quilt design!


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