Honeybell Ensemble

Monday is here and I like showing some new things made with Blank Fabrics. It's a collection called Honeybell.

I received some small pieces and made myself think beyond a quilt.

Everyone needs a pillowcase each night and why not something extra special with a ruffle and print hem? I removed the hem from a purchased pillowcase and replaced it with a print, adding a ruffle between the case and hem. Very, very girlie and certainly can dress up any bedroom decor.

Made a ruffle
Adding hem to ruffle and pillowcase
Regular pillowcase with ruffle and new hem

Trimmed a small hand towel
 Turned edges under, topstitched on the towel and then put binding along the sides.
Why not make a purse?
 I took the handles off of a purchased purse, copied the dimensions, cut two 12" x 20 rectangles, quilted the layers (using Warm & Natural batting) and then put it all together. Now that I have the hang of it, I think I'll make some changeable units. The handles slide off easily and the 2" cuff folds down over the top, hiding that seam.
Purse close up
Oh, but wait. I DID make a quilt. What was I thinking? This features one of my super-sized paper pieced birdhouses called "Home Tweet Home." You can find this and 9 other upsized paper pieced birdhouses in my Big Birdhouse Bonanza set!

Home Tweet Home Birdhouse Mini Quilt


  1. All the things you made are beautiful! Thank you for sharing.
    QBTS - Wilmington, NC


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