Love Those Dots!

Never pass up the chance to buy a dot or stripe when you see it. I found two 1/2 yard cuts of a dot at a local quilt shop the other day. Grabbed them. And a colorful stripe. Got that one, too. I'm in the Dots on Dots Blog Hop next week and I've had a lot of time to consider how dots have shown up in many of my quilts through the years. Since this is Windham Wednesday, I am sharing two things: a quilt made using a LOT of dots and a new DOTS collection.
Happy Squares - 46" x 52"
Happy Squares was made using the Windham Bright Basics Collection a few years ago (the fabrics are still available, I think). The original quilt I made in 1998 was stolen (long story - I'm over it now). I wanted to remake it and these dots fit the bill. Isn't this a HAPPY quilt? It is easier to make than you think. Those squares are machine appliquéd in the center of each larger square. No triangles and small strips to piece - you just cut out two sizes of squares, center them onto the larger squares and appliqué for 6" finished blocks. You can get the free pattern here: Happy Squares

Multi-Dot Collection by French Bull for Windham Fabrics
Windham has a new line out that I am SO EXCITED about. It is called Multi Dot by French Bull. Large dots, some stripes and other linear designs in bright colors. When I sew with bright colors it makes me happy. I have a plan and I hope to make a few blocks today using my pattern "Colorburst Squares".
Colorburst Squares - a new class for the Sewing Expo this Fall
Can't you just see those dots floating around a central square of solid fabric? I'm going to test drive my idea today. I stack 10-1/2" squares, make a few planned (not impromptu) cuts, shuffle the patches and sew them up. No waste, no bias edges, no templates - NO KIDDING!


  1. I consider dots and stripes as staples in my stash, like bread and milk are for the kitchen. It's funny to hear my hubby looking at fabric in a quilt store and hearing him say, "Honey, I found some staples for you!" The gals in the shop look at me all funny until I explain. =D


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