Owls Are the Bomb!

Well, it's Wednesday, but this week is very different in that the Dots on Dots Blog Hop is happening and I am posting a LOT of blocks on Friday (some from Windham and some from Blank). So, I am posting today with Benartex Fabrics.

They have the cutest new collection called "Owl Be There" and I used a 60 degree ruler to create a hexagon to fussy cut from one of the fabrics. Don't you just love these owls in a tree?
Circle of Owls
How did I do this? you ask. Well, it is a future class but I'll share a few secrets with you.
1. Use any 60 degree ruler and cut out a hexagon using freezer paper. Give it a 6" finished height.
2. Fussy cut the fabrics (in this case, the print you can see here) for a total of 6 hexagons
3. Cut out a single contrasting print hexagon for the center
4. Sew the 6 matching hexagons into a ring. Press seams open.
5. Trim 1/4" away from all sides of the freezer paper template and use on the wrong side of each of the 6 fabric hexagons and press the outer edges under 1/4".
Trim away 1/4" from freezer paper template
Use as pressing guide to turn hexagon outer raw edges under
Edges pressed under; pinned and ready for machine applique
 6. Use a simple zigzag machine stitch to sew hexagon circle to background square. This is a fat quarter (half of a half yard cut).
7. Trim away all background fabric from behind the hexagon circle.

After Appliqué, trim away all background fabric behind the hexagons
Interface the center hexagon using 1/4" seam allowance
Appliqué to center "hole" of the hexagon ring

Remove the interfacing
Two blocks together
 Make two of these blocks; sew them together.
1" inner, 6" outer borders for a 32" x 55" quilt/banner
I love this quilt. It is part of my Turning 60 series (no questions allowed here!). Don't you just love this? And what about the other fabrics in this marvelous collection?
Owl Be There by Benartex Fabrics
That's all folks. Like I said: Owls are the Bomb and these are the cutest I've seen in a while. Enjoy!


  1. Ohhhh! I need to study this closer when my migraine is gone. I LOVE hexagons!

  2. What a beautiful banner and the way you fussy cut your hexies is so neat!

  3. Beautiful blocks and lovely fabric choices. I really like the hexagons and thanks for the tutorial.

  4. I love this idea! Even just one would be a great table topper. I can see it in dozens of fabrics! I have to see if I have a 60 triangle. I think I do, but you know how you just toss things in a drawer? Or maybe you are more organized!


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