Halloween Watch!

I have a winner in my Quilts in the Pumpkin Patch. I'm waiting for Sherry B. to send her snail mail address. I have 3 more giveaways on Thursday for my Wicked Blog Post, so please check back for an awesome block (with free pattern), another halloween quilt, and 3 freebies.

What's Halloween without costumes? When my 3 girls were young, I refused to spend longer than one hour on any costume. I had to devote my precious sewing time to quilting. Now my middle daughter makes costumes for my favorite grandson (he will be 2 in November) and here is the conversion of a hooded sweatshirt (that came with the mohawk fringe) into a rooster. Isn't this the cutest thing!
Hooded sweatshirt transformed into an awesome rooster!
Now, how about a Halloween quilt? Here is a simple one from my book Supersize 'Em Quilts.

Trick or Treat Mice - 30" center block
See you on Thursday for the Wicked (cute) blog hop!


  1. I love the hooded sweatshirt, that is great. Congrats to your grandson !! He has his birthday in the same month as I do :-)
    Your halloween quilt is beautiful.

  2. cuter little sweatshirt costume. And it looks like your daughter is pregnant. Congrats Debby.

  3. Thanks for the giveaway, Debby....I can't wait to look through your calendar for more easy projects, as well as the ones you show here on your blog.

    By the way, I used to make my kids' costumes too---once made a raccoon costume with a hood that was very warm, a good thing when Halloween in Iowa can be darn right cold!

  4. That is a cute rooster costume. I used to make my kids costumes too and we still have some of them in the attic.


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