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So much sewing, so little progress! As an adult with ADHD, I am very comfortable to have more than one project going at a time (OK, I typically have no less than 20 projects in some sort of completion). So, while my head is planning, my little hands can't keep up. But here are the projects I am working on NOW and do plan on posting about in the next several weeks. If you are not a regular follower, what are you waiting for? Be the first to know when I've posted a new quilt.
City Traffic Quilt by Pam Rocco, with permission from Quilter's Newsletter Magazine
I have one grandson, any day now a second one. I have made 5 blocks of this wonderful, improvisational piecing quilt (using foundation piecing plus just strips). I asked and received permission from QNM to post my blocks and a link to their free pattern. Coming asap!

Pinwheel quilt using pre-cut squares of EXACT pattern
Boy, did I get a lot of requests for this pattern last week on the Wicked Blog Hop. I pulled out my instructions and am now dusting them off. I even went to a local quilt shop and bought some fabulous large-scale print fabric to recreate a step by step tutorial. I have another set of blocks and another quilt (using a hexagon shape) that I will post. Keep watching!
More pinwheel blocks made with a luscious, large-scale print. I have step by step pics!

 I just found that I photographed these brown blocks last year. Wow! And I took pics of the steps. My brain was getting in gear for a blog, I can see that. I will work on this posting this week (unless Hurricane Sandy messes up my dots; we're in the path of the storm).

I will be starting an entire section of this blog dedicated to Turning 60 (no, you can't ask a lady her age!). This little block is one of 15 in a quilt I designed and am finishing right now (well, not exactly this minute, but this week). It is cut with my multi-sized 60 degree ruler and is easy, quick and fun, fun, fun! The Turning 60 page will feature dozens of quilts that I've made in the past years, have been published and are all based on the 60 degree angle. Wait until you see my table runner I'm making with some new Anna Griffin fabric. To die for!

Circling 60 - Half Hexagons

I love half-hexagon shapes. I have a few quilts I will be revealing using this shape. The block above is cut with my 60 degree ruler (any 60 degree ruler will work). There are NO set-in seams; all straight sewing (see the Bugalicious image above to see the side triangles).

Easy strip-pieced Kaleidoscope blocks. This will be my Thanksgiving table runner.
Using my multi-sized Kaleidoscope Ruler (up to 12" size blocks) makes this a great way to use up all those strips and strings (well, maybe not all, but most of them).

OK, I'm done with the preview. Hope you stay tuned. If you're a follower, you'll get notice. Again, remember, I'm in the path of Hurricane Sandy and not sure if the giant trees in my back yard will stay put. Planning on a power outage, but it may not last too long (my power lines are buried underground).

Stay safe wherever you are! And, sew something every day!


  1. Love them all. I would have loved to make the City Traffic when my grandson was small -- he would have gone crazy for it! And your pinwheels are fabulous!

  2. Be careful and we will be checking in about the hurricane and the quilts!

  3. Stay safe. I will look forward to the upcoming works. Love what you have shown so far.

  4. Stay safe and keep your machines dry. We will all be here when you can pop in.

  5. I wish I had some of your energy. Great work on those blocks. They are great. Please don't take any chances. Get to higher ground.


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