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 Quilt patterns with large blocks

Big-block quilting books on sale
Detail of Secret Garden Album quiltLeft: 16″ x 16″ Album blocks from Supersize ’Em!
What’s the best way to make a quilt fast? There are lots of options. Sewing big squares of contrasting fabrics together to make a quilt top is a good go-to idea. But if you’re looking for the complexity, depth, and beauty that pieced blocks provide, there’s one little trick that many quilters rely on for big impact: quilt patterns with LARGE blocks!
With the big-block quilt patterns we’re featuring in four fun books today (all at 40% off), you’ll discover:
  • A reason to cut into your large-scale prints
  • A way to turn a single block into a finished quilt
  • An excuse to pare down your fabric choices (how about just 3, 4, or 5?)
  • An idea for featuring a beloved theme in great, big blocks
Ready to dive into some big-block quilt patterns? Your stash, your rotary cutter, and your precious time awaits!

Got Big Prints? Spotlight ’Em in Big Blocks

From Debby Kratovil, author of Supersize ’Em!
Supersize 'Em!Big blocks are a great way to finish a quilt in less time. The pieces in each block are larger, which makes it come together quicker and easier, and just a few blocks make a good-sized wall hanging. Add sashing and borders, and you’ve got a bed-sized quilt in no time. Some may think it’s just a lazy way to get a quilt finished, but who can argue with being able to accomplish more in less time?
While saving time is a great advantage, perhaps an even bigger asset to making big blocks is that the larger pieces are a great way to showcase big, bold prints that you don’t want to cut up into itsy-bitsy pieces. With inspiration from the projects in this book, you can pull out your large-scale prints and slice into them without fear!
Quilt blocks from Supersize 'Em

Big-block examples fromSupersize ’Em!
Are there any rules to working with big blocks and big prints? Not really. One thing that I do recommend is to abandon fussy cutting. Occasionally, it’s fun to highlight a specific motif, but for the most part, just cut the fabric, even if a huge flower is dissected. “Surprise cutting,” as I like to call it, is whimsical, free-form, and fun. Other than that, follow the same guidelines as you would when making any other type of quilt: make sure your ¼" seam allowances are as perfect as possible; measure twice, cut once; cut and sew a sample block before cutting out the pieces for an entire quilt; and don’t be afraid to ask for advice if you get stuck. And remember, it’s not a race, it’s a hobby—have fun!
See all 22 quilt projects in Supersize ’Em!.
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