Some Days I Don't Sew by Machine

Just a few scraps can become something beautiful
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I get a lot of sample fabric from various places. After all, I earn my living by using fabric! Blank Quilting had a lovely line called Lava in a variety of colors (about 18). I had some in sample books and tore them out and was able to get exactly 6 pieces from each color. Enough for a full hexie GFG for each. Wow - there is a god in the fabric heavens! Here is my start . . .

Five full blocks with a few others in process
I am teaching an English Paper Piecing class through the Fall and into the Spring and Summer for the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo. You know I have to have samples. And more samples . . .

Little scraps from Timeless Treasures. Just enough of each print for a block.
I have been tearing apart the old sample books and using them to make some coordinating blocks. Not sure what I'll do with them; maybe join them block to block. Who knows?

I'm making little kits for my students using the latest collections. They each get a pack of 100 hexagon papers (1" size), some little fabric bundles for making other size blocks (and papers for those, too). I really look forward to a hand stitching class.

Here are some of my other class samples:

Added a little "bling" to the center
 How about two layered?
Double Grandmother's Flower Garden
 Using large 2" hexagons. Fussy-cut the center! My students will get these (and others like them) in their kits.
Center of the placemat for my grandson
Hope you enjoyed seeing my hexie blocks. Aren't they the cutest?


  1. Your hexies look fantastic. It is so nice to have some hand sewing projects.

  2. They sure do look fantastic and the little snowman is too cute!

  3. lucky students I say and to have all the papers and fabrics cut out for them that is the part I hate. Your fabrics you have used are delightful lovely colours and like the design. EPP seems very popular once again, I love doing it so relaxing after machine work I find

  4. I am seeing so much on the net about EPP and Hexies that I just might have to give it a try.

  5. I didn't participate in the hexie blog hop, then wished I had. Isn't that the way with all of the hops? Anyway, I started out making hexies, and we had a lesson at our quilt class. I'm babysitting with my granddaughters in CO ( ages 7 and 11). Yesterday, I had them making hexies, too!

  6. I've discovered hexies, too, and actually have found that I prefer to work with my hands instead of the machine (lately, anyway) :)

  7. Those Blank fabrics are luscious. Love all your hexies! I invite you to share this great eye candy with out hexie lovers at Hexie Friday! Thanks for sharing, Debby.

  8. Cute Hexies debby. I have been making them a lot this summer when i am away from my machine. Have fun.
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  9. I love the double layered idea! You have some beautiful scrap flowers there.

  10. I love hexies, as you know. =) You have a new banner! Love it!


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