Windham Wednesdays and Happy Fabrics

More from the "A is for . . ." Collection by Windham Fabrics. Blocks are about 9" x 9"
Take a peek at my progress with that collection from last week.

Took a few letters from last week and turned them into some pretty large Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks. Here is what they look like from the back, both before trimming and taking paper out and then after:
One stitching is complete, remove papers so they can be reused.
And then remember those letters I made for my grandson? I decided to leave the paper in and back them with wool felt. Used a machine buttonhole stitch for quick work. What do you think?

Almost done with the EPP. Then I'm backing each letter so he can learn the alphabet
Did you know that when you view all these fabrics at the Windham Fabric Gallery pages, you can click on a swatch and find out which stores carry that exact fabric? Isn't that neat? Go try it.
"A is for . . ." Collection . Select the large letters print and you will see all the shops that carry that SKU. I think that's awesome! Many of you asked where you could find the collection. Now you can see who has it.

Now for today's fabric feature. This fabric is called Raj and the main print really reminds me of the wild prints from the 1960s!
Raj Collection with some awesome, wild and crazy prints. Just love it!
I have been playing with a prototype of my Dresden Ruler that has been supersized to 12". I've designed about 4 patterns besides the typical Dresden block. Not finished, but thought you might like to see my progress.
 How about some 3-D prairie points? This is a 30" block
My Blue Plate Special Dresden with prairie points between each blade!
My Flirty Thirty Buzz Saw Block
Yes, there are only 20 wedges. Where did I get the 30 from? That's the angle of the tip of the blade and I simplified the cutting of those white patches so there's no waste. The entire Buzz Saw block will be appliqued to a white background. And then there will be a circle appliqued to the center.

Thanks for visiting today. I love playing with bright fabrics. Windham never disappoints. I'll update you on the progress of these new blocks (and show the others also) in the future.

See you back here on Friday for my Pin it Blog Post!


  1. I just sighed in amazement..... Beautiful seems. Mine do not even resemble that (yet). I love the big flower print! See you friday!

  2. Those Dresdens are just glorious! I love the hexies too and think your idea of backing the letters is great.

  3. You are so brilliant!! I love the prairie points with the Dresdens. Great idea!

  4. I love your hexie alphabet. It would be a great way to teach a child the abc's. I love bright colors and raj makes me want to find a fringed vest granny sunglasses, and psychodelic shirt and listen to janis joplin and jimmy Hendrix. I love seeing what your new creations are. I am in awe of your talent.Barbara babscorbitt@ gmail dot com

  5. such great samples and I love the alpha bet you made for your grandson. What a great idea! The dresdens are awesome. I love dresdens and the idea of the prairie points makes me want to quit the hexies and jump to that! But I must work on my wool for right now! TFS

  6. I love the prairie points on the Dresden Debby. I just have to tell you this, while I'm sitting here giggling ...You spelled sex with your hexies...but you probably know that LOL..

  7. Oooh, I like those last blocks! That fabric really jazzes up the traditional patterns!


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