Baltimore Album . . . My Way

Classic red and cream basket of blooms
Anyone who knows me knows that I do NOT hand applique, so when I found a pile of Baltimore Album blocks for sale I immediately grabbed them. Did I say they were NOT hand appliqued? Oh, sorry about that. These are printed panels that only replicate beautiful, traditional blocks and boy did I have fun with them!

Beautiful blue urn with a classic pineapple and pomegranates
I pulled colors from the panels: green, blue, mustard, deep crimson and cream. I searched my stash and found perfect fabrics to make Dogtooth triangles. These were tricky as the panel size could not be divided evenly into thirds. I fudged it - so don't look closely at the triangle points as they touch the panel - I lopped off points. But hey - I'm not into perfect, are you?

A lovely wreath, book and bird. Have you ever seen a bird with a book in real life?
Stop looking at the lopped off points! Look at the beautiful urn of flowers!
And how will they look together?
Four blocks.
This is as far as I've gotten. I have about a dozen panels. I've pieced the triangles and will continue to play with these. I've been working on them for about 2 years. I'm never in a hurry. Do you think people making Baltimore Album blocks finish theirs in 2 years? I think not!

I will use a thin 1" strip between the blocks to "float" the cream and to avoid having all those points come together.

I hope you enjoyed my cheater's Baltimore Album quilt progress. I think I will pull the box out today and play a little more.


  1. I think it is beautiful - now I will have to look for a 'cheater' panel cuz' I really like this.

  2. what a wonderful find and love what you are doing with them

  3. you are doing such a great job on these, and so creative!! i just love the way your mind works.

  4. I think the cheater way is a great way to go, and your triangles are a super setting. I agree with you on floating the blocks - who wants to try to make all those points line up? I wouldn't! It's a beautiful set of blocks, so far, and I expect the whole thing will look wonderful when you finish. Slow work is good. We're all in too much of a hurry these days.

  5. I love the triangles your putting on, that's perfect for them.
    I'm a fudge/floater too...hehe. However, sometimes I do sweat the small stuff and sometimes I don't :)

  6. These are so stunning. What beautiful work you do.


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