Classes in the New Year, Part 1

Upcoming Class . . . Circles of Geese
My Geese Have the Blues
I began making circles of Flying Geese several years ago using my own paper pieced patterns. And then made them into quilts which also became options for my book "Paper Piecing Perfect Points." My publisher only chose one, the above quilt not on that list. But I love this quilt because of the various fabric textures (especially the wild circles/bullseye fabrics in the center).

Zoo Animals with Geese Ring (just a quilt top center)
The publisher didn't want this one, either. Sigh.

But here is the one they chose for the book. I made this several years ago and fussy cut a lovely toile for the center and then again for the four corners in the border.

Toile Garden Medallion
Ooops! One more with a full circle in the center:

Yakkity Yak Dinosaurs
And here is a variation of this ring of geese which I made to add to a large Mariner's Compass. I upsized the whole thing and, yes: this was paper pieced on a very LARGE coffee filter!

And here is what I made for the Nancy Drew Blog Hop a few months ago. Same Geese Ring, new center. Don't you just love it?

Who Knew, Nancy Drew?

The ring is pieced in 8 units:

Pre-cut rectangles ready for the spikey parts surrounding the pics of Nancy Drew
OK. Where am I teaching this class? The Quilt Patch, Fairfax, Virginia, February 22 (Saturday) from 10 am to 4 pm. Contact the shop for information on how you can join me! 703-273-6937


  1. what a variety of geese, I really must make an effort to do paper piecing a bit far away for the class

  2. I suppose it wasn't that kind of publisher, but if I were making a book with patterns like this, I'd want to show ALL the variations the quilter designed, to show how versatile it was and how the book would pay for itself over and over. Those book/pattern dollars are getting harder to find, and mine go to things I will use more than once. I love that this can be anything from ultra traditional to wild and wacky!

  3. just spinning with delight… happy new year...

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