She Came; She Sewed . . .

Timber & Leaf Collection by Sarah Watts (Blend Fabrics, 2012)
My oldest daughter Audrey enjoys sewing with me. (Never quilts, btw. One can only hope.) She comes over from time to time with an idea and digs through my stash and we work out the details using my 40+ years of sewing experience. You may remember this time last year when I created a few things from this awesome fabric collection:
An apron for Audrey from the fox fabric, which she loves!
More fox fabric with the tree rings print
My "go to" pattern for a flanged pillow. Added a simple bow.
Simple tote, pattern from my favorite magazine Stitch
Audrey wanted to make a flanged pillow for the nursery for our upcoming 3rd grandchild (her first baby, a girl). She pulled out the Timber and Leaf Collection and here is what we came up with:

We chose a soft gold for the flange so the bears would pop!
We made two of these pillowcases for her own bed and squeezed out the last of this gray print
Decorated a bag with giant yo-yos and clip earrings
Her sister in law, Marga, was visiting from Mexico (she lives there with her husband; they're both Spaniards) and she sat and decorated a pre-made shopping bag. I have this huge bag of giant yo-yos from a yard sale that she chose from. Leftover clip earrings from my mother in laws jewelry box.

We had a marathon day but quite fun. It's always a good day when I can sew. And Audrey loved everything we made, of course!


  1. a marathon with gorgeous results…great fabric choices…

  2. Those type of days are more precious than gold. Good for you and your daughter.

  3. Sounds like you had an awesome day...and look at the wonderful creations you both made together. Fabulous!

  4. Fabulous sewing resulting in great gifts. Creative Joy...

  5. what a lovely time you must have had with your daughter. Some real beauties you have made here. The bag really caught my eye, will have to go through my stitch magazines to find it hope it is the Embroiderers Guild magazine you are referring to as I need one of those bags

  6. I love the fabric audrey picked out. Yall made such beautiful projects! Thank you for sharing. Barbara

  7. I love that you got together and made all these beautiful things, and that you are so generous with your stash!


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