New York Beauty

New York Beauty quilt top
I follow a Facebook page of antique quilts that recently featured a few New York Beauty quilts. I love that many of them are NOT flawless. There are imperfections, just like the one above.

I had wanted to include this quilt in my recent book Paper Piecing Perfect Points and had asked a fellow teacher about quilting this for me. She insisted that I take it apart and "fix" the flaws in the side spikey borders, in particular, the one on the left. . . And I did (take it apart) 3 years ago!

And it still is in parts. All the paper pieced parts.  All sorts of parts and it has broken my heart. Sits in a dark box in the basement. Never did "fix it."

I'm going to the basement this morning. Find the box. Take it to my sewing room. Sew the parts back together JUST LIKE THE PHOTO. And I will make sweet promises to the quilt that she will get quilted JUST LIKE SHE APPEARS and will take her around and show her off JUST LIKE SHE IS.

Yes, my friend meant well. We quilters are perfectionists. I get it. But life is too short to try to be like God. Holy cow! I really don't want to compete with Him. We know what happened to that angel who tried that millenia ago!

I'll keep you posted on that quilt.


  1. I hear you Debby!!! We are not perfect..that is just it. I love the quilt you made.

  2. You are so right. I'm glad you are going to get it sewn back together.

  3. Beautiful quilt. And if you hadn't pinpointed the so-called error I would not have seen it. Happy to hear it will be completed. New York Beauties are one of my favorite quilts.

  4. I liek this quilt and I didn't see the "flaw" until you mentioned it was in the left border.

  5. Amen and amen! I look at all the antique quilts I love and have been inspired by and they are not all masterpieces of perfect points. Their beauty transcends their flaws...just like with humans! Beth @ Words & Stitches.

  6. There are no "quilt police" in my quilting world!! If there were; I wouldn't be enjoying quilting as much as I do.....your quilt is gorgeous....

  7. This quilt is gorgeous as it is. If you hadn't pointed out what was "wrong" I wouldn't have noticed it. I can't wait to see this all quilted. Please share pictures when it is done if you can!

    Sandy A

  8. Good for you! I don't see one thing wrong with that quilt. It's beautiful! Your friend passed up an opportunity to do an awesome quilting design in that middle part. I don't fix quilts. Like life, it is what it is. =)


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