Like Mother, Like Daughter!

"Mom. I just want to sew all day . . ."
Well, what can I say? That's how I feel. Can't always do it most days, but I WANT TO (sew: that is)! Never thought my oldest daughter (I have three of them) would ever get bit by this bug, but when you buy her a sewing machine (10 years ago) and then she has a baby girl - well, that's the combo-platter, as they say.

She raids my fabric stash. Then cruises all over Kingdom Come on the internet and finds an idea. Calls mom on FACETIME - can you believe it? Asks me to pan the camera over my stash so she can select fabrics (I'm not making this up!) Made quite a pile to mail to her (she only lives 50 miles away) because she needed them RIGHT NOW.

Asks a bazillion questions and you assure her that your directions are right (Hello? I've been sewing like this for 50+ years!!)

She cuts and stitches and ignores your SIMPLE directions for turning a skinny tube of fabric for those suspenders (she prefers to reference the blog she visited rather than your SIMPLE directions). But - hey! Look at the result . .

I think she raided my button box
And can you believe this mini sewing machine? She loves OLD things (whew! I have a chance to survive because I'm really OLD)

Simple skirt with suspenders. Gotta love it!
This fabric collection is one I have had for about 6 years. I love it! It's the Helena Collection from Windham Fabrics and I refused to part with it. She fell in love with it and took several pieces with her. Then asked me to mail most of the rest of it, which I did today.

To tell you the truth: I never would have imagined a little skirt for an 8 month baby using this fabric. My motto: All Quilts. Only Quilts. All the Time!

To a hammer everything is a nail. To a quilter every fabric is a quilt. I have been sewing since I was in junior highschool (can you say 4-H dirndal skirts and aprons?) Then for a few decades I saw fabric as potential clothes, so she's right on target. She'll be quilting soon . . .

Can we see a picture of you, Debby, when you were in junior high? Yes, the date is on the picture. Scary, huh?

OK. Enough. I think I'll go find a picture of her when she was in junior high!


  1. now that is adorable and the wee machine..priceless

  2. I can sew relate! She will soon be quilting.

  3. My daughter is the same way - although now she has the on-line shop list and actually lives in an area where there are quite a lot of lovely fabric shops so my stash isn't raided as often.

  4. Don't you just love Facetime. My 2 yo granddaughter facetimes me at leas twice a week from her Mom's phone. Priceless!

  5. How cute and funny! I was hoping my daughter would want to learn to sew, but no way. Now I'm hoping my 7 year old granddaughter will want to learn.
    My daughter said she didn't need to learn because she has me. I told her I won't always be here. LOL

  6. how good is that she is now stitching but lock up your fabric when she next visits

  7. What a funny post! I laughed so many times and for a mintue I thought you had a camera in my house. Same story here, grew up on 4-H, made clothes for a while, daughter learned to sew but didn't like it, she had a baby, and for a while she was back at it. She's now in Japan and resources (including mom's stash and sewing machine) are quite limited. But I have no doubt when she's back in the states this time next year I'll be on call again. Love it though and love seeing her creativity; both your daughter's and mine.

  8. '65 is when I graduated high school, Debby, so someone out here quilting is older than you are! LOL I agree completely. The only use for fabrics is a quilt, and if I can't quilt it, I don't buy it. I HATE making clothes, probably because I had to make a lot of mine in high school and young motherhood times. I laughed at your post, and was thankful I have sons who rarely raid my stash unless they need a new quilt and want me to make it. That is a cute skirt for the baby, though I would have taken the simple directions any day!

  9. Oh my gosh we could almost be sisters. You look just like me. At first I thought you had put my photo up which was sort of strange to even think. I had the same hair style and head band.


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