The British are Coming! The British are Coming!

Fabrics by Benartex
What? That was 200 years ago, remember? When the British came asking for their land back and we fought through the night at Ft. McHenry in Baltimore and found out in the morning "that the flag was still there! Oh, say does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave? O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave."

Beginning September 7 and going for a week (that's 7 days), I will be featuring Americana quilts, fabric, books, lots of free patterns and have a fabric bundle giveaway EVERY SINGLE DAY. My fabric partners (Benartex and Windham) have generously supplied me with over 14 yards of fabric for this special event.

I have a very special guest, Jane Hampton Cook, who will share some history and why her new book "America's Star Spangled Story" (click the link to see inside), celebrating 200 years of the National Anthem (1814-2014) is so relevant for today.

You can see some of the events which are part of the Star Spangled Spectacular happening in and around Baltimore: air shows, concerts, fireworks, historic re-enactments, tall ships in the harbor. Such excitement!

And Jane dedicated her book to her mother who was a quilter (yes, a quilter) who made hundreds of Americana quilts in her lifetime and Jane has shared several of these images with me, which I will feature here, too.

America's Star-Spangled Story by Jane Hampton Cook

Please join us every single day. The chance to win a fabric bundle (from 1-1/2 to 2 yards each day) only lasts for that one day, so you have to return each day. And because this is an American holiday, I can only pay shipping stateside. If you live outside the US, and you win, I will offer you any of my retail patterns at my Craftsy site. And Martingale (my publisher) is giving away an eBook version of either of my books (Supersize 'Em Quilts; Paper Piecing Perfect Points) - and I can arrange for you to have that instead.

Tell your friends, your guild members, and anyone else who wants to celebrate this wonderful holiday anniversary. Hope to see you here bright and early September 7!


  1. just to let you know your blog on the anniversary of the twin towers is not here on your blog, not sure what has happened as it means so much to your all in the USA to remember this terrible tragedy which moved the whole world, hard to believe it was so long ago as the pictures are still so clear in my head

  2. Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light. This is my earworm for the day. : ) USA USA USA

  3. Definitely something to look forward to seeing! I love patriotic quilts and make a lot of scrappy ones.

  4. Hi Debby, Please put my name i for the drawing. I love the fabrics. I live in northern Virginia about an hour from Baltimore ....I plan on going to the inner harbor to see the tall ships in a few days...


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