Amish Triangles Quilts

Antique Amish Triangles quilt
I saw an exhibit at the Textile Museum in Washington, DC back in 2008 that was curated by Esprit. There were some amazing quilts on display. While this wasn't one of them, there were many that had the same personality. Isn't this just glorious in it's muted colors and exquisite quilting?

I decided to design and sew one of my own. I actually made two using the newly released (at that time) Gee's Bend solids by Windham Fabrics. Here is my first one, trying to stay with the same basic design as the antique quilt above.

Amish Triangles - 48" x 66"
I had to simplify it because I got exhausted thinking about piecing all those triangles! I rather like the orange next to the red for an unexpected shock of color (no, I would never put those colors together in my clothing!) This quilt was picked up by Fons and Porter Magazine the following year and it appears as the October quilt in my 2014 wall calendar of quilts.

Amish Classic Shadows also appears in my 2014 wall calendar of quilts. Again, using the hand dyed Gee's Bend fabrics, it gave such texture to these solid appearing fabrics. This was published by McCall's Quilting Magazine in 2010 (I think).
Amish Classic Shadows - 52" x 63"
I love these two quilts. I still have small amounts of the Gee's Bend solids around and I may just create something inspired by another Amish quilt.


  1. it always amazes me at how many patterns can be made by the triangle

  2. Oh wow! These are beautiful. I love that Gee's Bend fabric!

  3. I love half square triangles. these are all so beautiful and understated. You can concentrate on the colors and pattern because it does not have that overly busy thing going on. My favorite is the middle one. Great work.

  4. Hello Debby! Congratulations on your quilts being published! They deserve it, they are so beautiful! I did not know about those Gee's Bend fabrics. I had stopped trying to make Amish style quilts because with the usual solids the result was desappointing. I will check the Gee's Bend ones. Thanks for telling us!

  5. So beautiful!!! I have to laugh at myself because when I first started quilting I said I would never make triangles and now they are my favorite to make! Your quilts definitely create a new spark of creativity. šŸ˜Š

  6. I love your two Amish-influenced quilts, too, as well as the original. Isn't it interesting how pretty they are with just the simplest of shapes!


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