Updating a Hexie Post from Last Year

Do you remember this post? Let's review (because I actually got around to finishing it!)

Create a ring of hexagons. Stitch them together as shown.
Grandmother's Flower Garden Hexagon Ring: each hexagon finishes to 4-1/2"
 I faced the 6 hexagons with medium weight interfacing
Faced Hexagon Ring using interfacing
Applique the focus hexagon (which is also interfaced) onto the center
Don't you just love interfacing? It's AWESOME!
Now it's ready to be appliqued to a 15-1/2" background square of white on white fabric:
Center and machine applique with invisible mono-filament thread
And then cut away the white background fabric from behind the Hexagon Block
Clip away fabric to reduce bulk. This would make an interesting applique, huh?
Everything clipped away and you can see the seaming and applique stitches
I finally got around to quilting this. Used my HandiQuilter Sweet 16 and it was so much fun.

My Ring of Hexagons
What am I going to do with all these small quilted samples? Too big for a mug rug. Too small for a table runner. But they are good to take on the road as teaching samples.


  1. this is a good way, I have used it for dresden plate too so much easier to attach and neater

  2. my fav colors lol...and the hexi perfectly executed like only you can do

  3. It looks great. Maybe too big for a mug rug, but how about a snack mat, with a cup of hot chocolate and a small cookie plate?

  4. Looks great! Love the colors...wonder how it would look fussy cutting the hexagons.
    In my house I'd use it as a place mat for the kid!


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