And a Little Yarn for Texture . . .

Thrift shop find - just discovered it's wool!
There is a local thrift shop that has a "yarn wall" with a variety of plastic bags filled with a vast assortment of yarn. I discovered this marvelous hank two summers ago. I should have known that it would be high-end yarn by the way it was presented. No paper wrapper with generic labels by the main stream yarn vendors (ie,  Lion Brand; Red Heart). I uncoiled it and wrapped it into a giant ball.

The weather is turning cold here and it's time to pull out the crochet hooks and various yarn. I rediscovered this and decided to find out whether it's wool or just acrylic or polyester. Tested it by fire (match) and it turns to ash. If it had melted into a clump and smelled awful, then it would have been synthetic. That bundle above is 100% wool!

Yarn samples
I found a huge assortment of these yarn samples with some serious "bling" last year (yarn wall, of course). Pulled these out and am determined to use them for something. I see that I approach yarn in the same way as I do my fabric:

Buy it because it's pretty.
Stack it up.
Pull it out and stroke it.
Dream about possible projects.
Put it back on the shelf.

I taught in Ft. Worth this past week. Three and a half hour flight back and forth. What to do? Grabbed two skeins of Lion Brand Homespun (again, purchased on that yarn wall) and a size K hook.

Crocheted a scarf on the trip out there . . .
Scarf made with Lion Brand Homespun, Fiesta colorway
Crocheted a second scarf on the trip home . . .

Scarf made with Lion Brand Homespun, Tudor colorway
Needed this scarf when my plane landed at 11 pm, waiting for the taxi to pick me up. Pulled it out of my tote bag and wrapped it around my neck. Cozy!

I never did learn to knit. But I can crochet!


  1. Which thrift store? Unique? I would have had trouble unwrapping that hank of wool yarn because it's just too pretty the way it is.
    Anxious to see what you make with it.
    Love your creations.

  2. some good buys you have there and the scarfs will come in for the winter

  3. how pretty....I love knitting..don't know how to crochet


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