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Seven years ago I was sent this awesome - and very BUSY - fabric collection by Windham Fabrics called Mambo. Quite the colorful and challenging set of prints. At that time I was developing my EZ Double Wedding Ring pattern (actually it had been 5 years by that time) and decided to do something really funky with it. Are you ready? Go get your sunglasses!! I called it "Heat Waves."

Heat Waves before borders were attached (56" x 62")
I had it quilted and not sure what Windham did with it. Probably bagged it up in a dark room or shipped off to a sunny beach somewhere. Sipping margaritas with other colorful fabric.

Let me tell you a little bit about this before we go to the FREE PATTERN (no, this is not it - whew!! I know you say). No, wait a minute. I'll be right back . . .

I'm back!  I just discovered I HAD written the pattern with art and template for the quilt above. It's still on my computer. I'll share that later this week (that's if you want a psychedelic quilt!) Windham never published it, but I'm sure you can find some calm fabrics to create this. It's all raw edge applique. More later.

Here's the free pattern project. I call it the 5-6-7 Tote Bag (because of the width of strips used). It's a free download at the Windham Fabrics web site (link above).

The 5-6-7 Tote Bag
The bag is 15" high (before handles) and 16" wide. A great size for ANY fabrics. I might even make it again (not with those fabrics).

I actually have a 3rd project I just pulled out that uses 10.5" squares. I had cut up every remaining piece of this collection into 10.5" squares and used an awesome template set created by my friend and fellow teacher, Nelly Vileikis. I will blog about that soon, too. I took pictures this afternoon (Sunday) and I'm sewing a few more blocks.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what is actually possible with wild and crazy fabrics. I love sewing with bold color and design. It makes me happy.

Come back on Wednesday (January 21) for my Windham Wednesday post using the Broken Stripes Collection (remember this?) I have a fun tutorial using these with a very traditional block. See you then!

Broken Stripes by Windham Fabrics


  1. Yep, that quilt is very busy. Although I too like to sew with bright colors too many busy fabrics in one project doesn't work for me. The tote looks great.

  2. Yep, this is for me. crazier the better. can't wait for the pattern because I've been afraid to tackle learning dbl wedding ring. thx Marie

  3. I love busy with lots of color and tend to use lots of bold bright colors & prints, but I mostly make quilts for my grandkids and they've never complained! Sometimes though, when I'm finished piecing I have to say to myself "What were you thinking?"!! Could it be the Debby with a y syndrome?! LOL
    Debby E
    samtaylorcjsmimi (at) yahoo (dot) com
    Thanks for the tutorial - maybe I'll make some wild & crazy totes for my grandkids!!!

  4. Spectacular! I think I had an outfit with those colors back in the '60's lol

  5. This quilt would be right at home with me. I love the bold colors & prints. Looking forward to the tute.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  6. Always something great going on over here on your blog! Thanks for the tote bag pattern. I look forward to seeing the other projects, too.

  7. They should publish it now ! I love it ! You were ahead of your was said about Woodrow Call in "Lonesome Dove" She is a WO-man of vision !


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