March Classes

Back on the road with the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo. I enjoy the teaching and my students! Travel? Not so much. Especially when laryngitis hits and there were no drug stores around. But I digress. Here are my Spring classes:

Coffee Filter (20" diameter) Mariner's Compass (Lakeland and Cleveland)

Coffee Filter Mariner's Compass
Second color family:
Mariner's Compass in solids
 Buzz Saw (Lakeland)
Buzz Saw using my 12-1/2" Dresden Ruler
Thousand Pyramids (Lakeland, Atlanta, and Cleveland)

Thousand Pyramids
 Free Motion Machine Quilting (all 3 cities)

Learn to work with stencils, marking tools and thread color choice tips
 Quilt inside defined shapes:

Thread sketching
 Cupid's Arrows (Cleveland)
Cupids Arrows (Hosannah Quilt from my book)

Cupid's Arrows banner
Tight Knit Circles (Atlanta and Cleveland)

Tight Knit Circles
 Seven Sisters (all 3 cities)
7 Sisters table topper
 And in batiks
7 Sisters
And Machine Quilting again, my most popular class in every city for 7 years straight!

Packing and unpacking. Taxis. Rental cars. Airports. Hotels. Eating in restaurants. It truly is NOT a glamorous life (as some think). My students make it all worthwhile, along with the paycheck!


  1. Those paychecks are kind of important aren't they ! LOL I hope you get over that laryngitis quickly so you can share your talent, tips and sewing wisdom without throat pain ! Rock stars get laryngitis a lot.... (You are a block star after all) When are you coming to Texas next ?

  2. Good luck with that laryngitis, Debby! Just to hedge your bets, you might want to brush up on your Charades moves! Safe travels. See you in Cleveland. (jane herbst at roadrunner dot com)

  3. I hope you found something that helped the laryngitis - tough teaching with that! I love your seven sisters. I have an entire top partly hand quilted that was made by an aunt when she was 91. Someday I'll get to finish the hand quilting I started on it! What fun for your students to have all those choices!

  4. Thank goodness for students and paychecks. Would love to take one of your classes someday.

  5. OOOOhhhhh. I love several of those quilts. I considered coming to MAQ (in MD) but really have over booked myself with quilt classes/retreats this year. Hubby likes to see me on a regular basis. But I'm going to keep an eye on your schedule and who knows, you may see me in one of your classes one of these days. What local No. Va.shops do you teach at?
    Hope you start feeling better soon.

  6. Feel better! Hope to take your classes in Virginia!

  7. Feel better! Hope to take your classes in Virginia!

  8. Hi Debby!
    Took your class in Lakeland-Buzz Saw
    Had a question regarding where to applique the fan too the big squares. Could you help please?


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