Tree Bird Hop Day 5 - Chatty Birds

The Garden Bouquet series of blocks ran in the Chicago Tribune in the 1930s under the pen name of Nancy Page (for Florence LaGanke). Each new block came with a whole lot of chatty information, as though you were in the midst of a group of socialites at a tea party making small talk.

Each of the 20 blocks features a different flower in a red urn with two birds perched atop: Saucy Bird and Meek Bird. While they weren't doing all the chatting in these weekly pattern reveals, the women in this imaginary tea party certainly were!

Here is a photo of my own five block quilt:

5 Block Garden Bouquet Quilt
And a photo of all 20 blocks, each with a different flower atop that urn. This is an antique top with the border as it appears in the pattern:

Antique Garden Bouquet Quilt
I absolutely love these historic pattern sets. I redrafted the blocks (not scans) and typed all the words that came with the pattern. I've included a FREE pdf of the DAFFODIL pattern here so you can see what I mean about all those chatty words.
Daffodil flower from the Garden Bouquet series

“My heart with rapture thrills and dances with the daffodils,” thus quoted Nancy Page and thus echoed the club members.

Now, let's see what our Tree Bird bloggers are up to today!

Thursday, March 19


  1. Thanks Debby for the cute Daffodil This is a great Hop i am having lots of fun checking the Blog out.Not to be greedy ,but it would have been nice to have the dimensions for the flower vase too put the daffodil in.


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