And a Little Crochet

I've been busy. I'm always busy. What I mean is that I've been busy without my sewing machine and computer! I've shared before about my favorite cotton potholders. Crochet. Easy. Cotton. And I will share the link to the free pattern.

What have I been up to? Well, this Happy Hooker made almost 2 dozen of these addictive things in the past few months. It's time to start working on scarves and cowls for my daughters, I think!

21 cotton double-folded potholders
I took two as a hostess gift on Saturday night, so now I'm down to 19! Always like to have them on hand for little gifts.

Here are a few I made with this amazing Isaac Mizrahi cotton yarn that feels glorious.

Two variegated yarns make lovely Double Folded Potholders
 Aren't these colors wonderful?

Used a K hook
Sometimes I use a G or an H hook. They all work
I even save the little extra pieces of my cotton yarn. I have a guard keeping watch so as to keep the Yarn Thieves from snatching these little bits. He's a ram from Poland and he's quite happy to watch over cotton since it didn't cost him his fluffy wool!

Little leftover bits of cotton yarn
Several people have asked for the pattern. It is free on Ravelry (if you're a member; it's free to join). Do a search for "double folded crochet potholder." There are wonderful extra pictures.

Here's the direct link to the pattern outside Ravelry: Double Folded Cotton Potholders


  1. I don't knit or crochet, but I have a very sweet bloggy buddy that makes these and gifts such pretties on to me - I just LOVE them.

  2. These were so cute I had to whip one up last night. Great project to do while watching TV. Got one done in about 2 hours. Thanks so much.

  3. Thanks for the link, Debby. Someone gave me one and I liked it, but I never found directions. Yours are wonderful!

  4. Hi, Debby,
    I have been crocheting this pattern for years, in many sizes from mug rugs to roaster-pan hot pads. I keep trying to create a rectangle but no luck so far. A few years ago I enclosed a few layers of batting before stitching shut, then did some embroidery with contrasting yarns on the edges and throughout to anchor the batting so the batting wouldn't roll up during laundering. The recipient reported that the batting greatly increased the heat protection of the table when she used it for a casserole directly out of the oven. It's such a "zen" pattern I sometimes lose track of where I am and have to rip out a few rows before closing. (janeherbst at roadrunner dot com)

  5. This is a great "find" for me. I have a bunch of leftover cotton yarn (not as beautiful as yours) and I belong to Raverly and I NEED new potholders. Win-win-win. Thanks so much.


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