Diamonds and Triangles

They've taken over my life! I had several projects in mind that I went crazy cutting and stitching and cutting some more. I was getting ready for my Seven Sisters Table Topper class. And I had all sorts of other plans for them, too. Now, what was I thinking?

Happy candy colored triangles
Happy candy colored diamonds
Where am I going with these? Can't tell yet! OK, maybe a little hint. Visit my Quilt Shop Patterns tab link above  and see Connie's Diamond Runner. Only this isn't going to be a runner. You can't keep warm with a table runner on your lap, now can you?

Triangles to the left of me; Triangles to the right. Stuck in the middle with you, Diamond!
(Who remembers that song?)

Other diamonds and triangles . . .

More happy diamonds with stark white triangles
Happier diamonds with two triangles each!
Using some Asian inspired fabrics from Benartex:

Pinks and greens and gold - oh, my!
And how they look: one diamond and two triangles:

Three of each color will make a 6-Pointed Star
6-pointed Star. You need 7 of these for Seven Sisters
But I'm not making these blocks into a Seven Sisters table topper. Another idea highjacked that plan and I'm going somewhere else with it. More on that later.

One Star Block using the units above:

Deep colors with white are so very modern!
 Solids are fun, too!
Kona Solids
Now you can see how I was able to make these otherwise difficult blocks with NO SET IN SEAMS. It's all in the use of the smaller triangles.

Browns and pinks in traditional prints. 37" x 42"
Seven Sisters using batiks. Still 37" x 42"!
I'm working on this Seven Sisters pattern to be available on my Craftsy page. There will be a coloring chart and planning diagram for your colors and fabrics. And it can easily accommodate a border!


  1. so many lovely pieces you have shared today, the diamond with 2 triangles I have not tried yet! but feeling the need to have a go. Especially drawn to the last piece you have shared wonderful colours in it

  2. I really like the solids. Did you cut the diamonds and triangles from templates? It doesn't look like they are EPP. I am looking forward to seeing this on Craftsy.

    senstrings (at) yahoo (dot) com

  3. So diamonds and triangles would be the new clowns and jokers? I like it! VERY do-able designs and so many possibilities of fabric choices and applications! Thanks for sharing! (janeherbst at roadrunner dot com).

  4. are creating such a temptation for me!

  5. What fun! One of the few heritage things I have is a top that was pieced by a great aunt when she was 91. It's Seven Sisters! I had it partly quilted when it went into storage, and it's been there a long time now. I hope to get it back and finish it some day! I love your bright colors and I'm anxious to see where you're going. =)


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