Galaxy of Stars from My Bloggers

I have received several photos of the progress of the Galaxy of Stars blocks from YOU bloggers. I wanted to share them with you.

Yes, it's OK to NOT have made even one of the blocks yet. I often work that way: save up all the patterns and then make them all at once. But, I do know many of you have been trying to stay up to date. Here are some of the pics!

Amy O. sent these just yesterday:
Amy O's blocks so far!
Marie T's blocks
If you sent me pics of your blocks and they're not here, please email me and remind me. I have a very full in-box and sometimes things get overlooked!

If you would like to see your blocks here (even if you've only done one), please do send pics. We would all be inspired!

Thanks, blogging friends. Keep up the sewing. There are close to 1,000 of you who are participating in this BOM. And, yes, I'm planning another BOM for 2016. Maybe even two.

What are you interested in? While it may not change my plans, I do like to hear about what YOU like!


  1. I'm one of those who save and do it all. Love the pics sent to you!

  2. Baskets? Truthfully, I like everything as long as I don't have to paper piece it. ;) Great blocks they've made!

  3. Great blocks...I can only hope that mine turn out so good.

  4. good to see what some have done, putting me to shame but I am saving mine! What I love about this quilt is the variety of sizes in the blocks they really appeal to me


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