My Butterflies Pattern in Keepsake Quilting Catalog

Keepsake Catalog asked Windham Fabrics for a quilt that uses Dresden Plates but isn't a Dresden Plate quilt. Huh? Windham called me and asked if I had any design ideas. I said, "Sure! I've done my Dresden Butterflies a few times before and I'd love to do it again." And, of course, it's with their new Storybook Vacation Collection!

Here's the lovely little quilt, straight from the pages of the catalog (on page 30):

Storybook Butterflies: 34" x 34"
I used my "go to" batting, Warm and Natural and quilted it on my HQ Sweet 16 machine.

Now, what did the first quilts look like? The first one was made with authentic feedsacks for the wings. Lovely prints, huh?

Feedsack Butterflies
The next one was made using brights set against black. It was stolen in 2005. It appeared in my first book, Bold, Black and Beautiful:

Butterflies at Night: 35" x 47"
And I remade this quilt, which is now being quilted by Kathy Gray so it can be donated to some lucky child. My grandkids have plenty and will always have plenty, right?

Butterflies at Night 2
So, take a peek at the new Keepsake Catalog Holiday Update 2015. There's plenty to inspire you, even if you're not thinking butterflies!


  1. It really is a beautiful quilt, Debby. I love the one done in the feedsacks.

  2. I've never really been interested in Dresden Plate, but this is an awesome pattern. I would try butterflies.

  3. I will be getting my dresden plate template out today to see what I can do loving the butterflies. How sad to have a quilt stolen some people have no conscience

  4. My catalog just came yesterday. Will check it out. I love the brights against the blacks.

  5. Thanks for showing us the pattern made up in varios fabric combos. Shows how different it can look.

  6. Thanks for showing us the pattern made up in varios fabric combos. Shows how different it can look.

  7. I recognized the butterflies quilt when I received the catalog a few days ago, Debby. As with many of your patterns it works well with so many fabric types. It's definitely on my list to try someday. My bold and cheerful prints are volunteering. Congratulations on another well-deserved invitation from Windham! (janeherbst at roadrunner dot com)

  8. Love them all!
    Great way to use my Dresden templates with something different. I especially like the black background. Thanks Debbie.

  9. It's a wonderful pattern, Debby! I love it in all colors, but I really think I like it best either scrappy or the newest one in the catalog.


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