Quilting Makes the Quilt

I am what is called a "Topper." That means that I love piecing and sewing quilt tops. I get the greatest pleasure from taking a pile of fabrics to cut up pieces of fabric to blocks to quilt tops. Then I move on to the next group of fabrics. I have a closet full of quilt tops! Many/most are from the classes I teach. Or just experiments. I love to experiment with fabric. Many ideas stop at just a pile of blocks.

But when it's time to give a gift of a quilt, I realize that a quilt top just won't do it! So, I have to get them quilted or - gasp! - quilt them myself! The Handi Quilter Sweet 16 has REALLY helped me in the past few months finish quite a few of my tops. I've given several away and have several waiting for the next time a call goes out for local charity requests.

Here's what I worked on yesterday afternoon:

Cookie Cutter Hearts, tutorial and free pattern
The Cookie Cutter Hearts was a tutorial and free pattern in partnership with Benartex Fabrics a few months ago. This hearts pattern has gotten a lot of mileage in the past 13+ years!

A few other quilt finishes in the past few weeks:

Storybook Butterflies, quilted in August
Storm at Sea, waiting to be picked up as a pattern
I quilted several small quilts that will go for babies locally. These were class samples that I was able to increase to a decent size with some borders:

Ring of Hearts
Ring of Hearts was the center of a table runner. The side borders were added to make it square and usable for a small child.

Throw Your Hearts to the Wind
Same center size, only now the hearts are scattered randomly. Raw edge applique. Side borders added all around. I don't think a baby will mind the craziness of the borders, do you? And one more quilt using those applique hearts:

Bright, Happy Hearts on Black
Same center square (20" x 20"), but now the hearts are in four groups and appliqued to a black background. I'm so glad these are not table runners. How many table runners do I need anyway? I turned them into small baby quilts that will be enjoyed! And to be able to finish them with a craft sized batting from Warm and Natural and quickly quilt them on my Handi Quilter was very doable.

I am so enjoying turning all these unfinished quilt tops into usable quilts. I am glad they will get to live in loving homes with little babies and small children. Oh, you didn't know? I DON'T make bed sized quilts! Lap size is the largest I quilt. If it's a bed sized quilt I send it out to a professional longarmer!


  1. Can;t go wrong with hearts on a project for sure. I would love a long arm, but for now I use my home machine and anything big goes off to my favorite longarmer.

  2. some lovely quilts here, I too have a pile of flimsies so have stopped making for now as there is no way I am able to quilt them I so need to learn how to quilt on the machine not getting on very well yet!

  3. Hey there lady ! You have some great finishes ! We have something in common.....I too only go up to lap size to quilt....bigger than that, it's like wrestling an alligator !

  4. Anyone is just beautiful.Love them all!

  5. What a lovely collection of "Completed" quilts. Love each and every one of them.

  6. It is great when you can get so many finished into quilts. They will be much more comfortable than just the top!!!!! ;-)

  7. Hearts are a great pattern for baby quilts. How wonderful that your Sweet 16 is helping out so much!

  8. So many cute tops to make, so little time! Like you, I had quite the collection of tops from my machine play living in a laundry basket in the closet! Learning to FMQ has really reduced that pile. Your tops are all sweet. I see a couple that I'd like to experiment with!

  9. I love the hearts! I try to limit myself to 3 projects in progress at a time. I took your class on machine quilting and love it. Hand quilting takes a bunch more time. Now I quilt both hand and machine depending on the project. I hope to get a sweet 16 some day. Thanks for all the inspiration!


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