Some Improv Quilts

I have been sorting my class samples and realized this little mini didn't yet have any binding. I use it when I teach beginning machine quilting. I challenged myself to use every single color in the Gee's Bend Collection by Windham Fabrics and then I quilted it using a different stitch in each patch. It's about 12" square.

Improv Mini Quilt using the Gee's Bend fabrics
 Then there's the one that was the basis for my No Sneaky Peeky class. No two student quilts looked alike (that was the point!) It was fun for everyone. Again, an improv quilt. I think this has gone to live with my daughter Hilary. Though she's not too crazy about the swirly quilting. She's young. She likes the modern straight lines.

No Sneaky Peeky Improv quilt
Then there's the Modern Adventure Class I taught. This quilt actually appeared in Modern Patchwork Magazine a few years ago. It looks difficult but is doable as we worked with blocks and not the entire thing at once.

Improve Adventure Quilt

I'm working on a few more. I revisit various class supplies and samples from time to time. I see new things and new ways to put patches together. Do you ever revisit something that's unfinished?

Then there's my Color Bars quilt. I made a 4 block quilt and a 9 block quilt. Here's a single block which I also use in my machine quilting classes:

Single block from my Color Bars quilt
And the 9 block quilt:

Color Bars Quilt
I have four leftover blocks. They were sewn together last week and I added a border. It's ready to be longarmed on my HQ Sweet 16. It is similar to this:

Four Blocks of my Color Bars Quilt
My daughters love this type of quilts and they always ask for what they see hanging on the wall. Happy to oblige! I wonder who will ask for the first little mini I shared above. If I put it on my private Facebook page, one of them will speak up. I hope there won't be a fight!


  1. I have a lot of solids collecting - think I need to play.

  2. Each one f these ar wonderful!!!! And I enjoyed the quilting.

  3. hmmm Another great idea to try to finally use up the last of my fabric scraps... ;) Well we know that will never happen ~ As what seamstress quilter ever runs out of scraps? :) Will certainly be playing in the studio today!! Thanks for the idea!!!

  4. what a great selection here and such a good way to use up scraps

  5. A lot of fun inspiration today.

  6. I love the Color Bars quilt, Debby! Such a joyful combination and a great way to play with stash fabrics and try out large area quilting ideas! This reminds me the biggest gap in my stash is enough of a good neutral for the background. Time to shop (oh darn!) Thanks as always for inspiration! (janeherbst at roadrunner dot com)

  7. Oh, my goodness, they are all so beautiful! Your daughters have good taste! I'm inspired!

  8. Are these patterns available to purchase? Would really like to try to make one.
    Love your quilt style and ideas.
    Thanks :-)

  9. That Improv Adventure looks like it could hang in the Gees Bend exhibits! Except for the bright colors, maybe - couldn't have been work shirts! I love your modern quilts, just as much as your traditional ones. An eye for color and design really help no matter what one's style is.


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