Felt Nativity Scene and Advent Calendar

Only in my dreams could I draw anything but stick figures. What? you say! Don't I design quilts and patterns and blocks and quilts (did I say quilts twice?) Yes, but most of what I do is squares and rectangles and I rely heavily on the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator on the computer. No EQ for me.

Let me share with you a Nativity set that my middle daughter Hilary designed and made last year. While it's not finished, it brought me to tears because she draws things from scratch! She has two little boys and they helped her glue some of the pieces together. I think it would be a fabulous pattern set. She is a designer by trade (graphic design from Carnegie Mellon). But you have to have it INSIDE to get this sort of stuff to come out, right?

Here are all the parts (yes, there are 3 sets for maybe future gifts)
Here is the manger and calendar with all the little figures in their proper order. I mean - the star was the first thing on the scene, right? So, here's the order:

  • Stars
  • Angel
  • Sheep in the field
  • Shepherds to take care of the sheep
  • Wise men (who actually came about 2 years later)
  • Presents (gold, myrrh, and frankincense)
  • THE star
  • Donkey
  • Cow
  • Manger (cow trough)
  • Joseph
  • Mary
  • Baby Jesus

Here are some up close. Yes, you can see the glue!

Gifts, mangers, 3 Baby Jesus?! and 3 Marys
 And let's not forget the angels!
Yes, there were a host of angels singing in the heavens
The countdown begins:
Advent Calendar
And here's how they all line up on the big night.

Nativity Scene in felt
I love this, and while it may never get finished (her boys are pre-school and she works full time), it will some day! For now, I'm glad she sent me the pics, aren't you?


  1. this really shows the meaning of Christmas and is an absolute delight, these days I only have a nativity scene and a hardanger angel up at Christmas.

  2. I agree. She did a great job. I know what it is to have a full time job and children. I am glad she could find the time to reflect on the season while creating that scene. Maybe next year she will get to put the final touches on it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing it. PS Are teaching at Mid-Appalacia Quilt retreat this year? I loved the classes you offered last year but couldn't get my act together to even try to go. Could be I really didn't find out about it until early June....

  4. I would buy this pattern!! I showed it to my daughter -- she'd love for me to make her one in time for next Christmas!! :)

  5. This definitely needs to be finished for her family, because children grow too quickly these days. It would be wonderful if it could be turned into a pattern for others to enjoy as well.

  6. So cute, and fun for her kids as well. The real meaning of Christmas comes through every year.

  7. I love that. I hope she gets a chance to finish, that would be a family treasure

  8. I love that. I hope she gets a chance to finish, that would be a family treasure


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