Triplet Quilts!

On my 3 mile walk today I was humming to my tunes and thinking hard about some fabric. I knew I had used a particular Kaffe Fassett print in a quilt as a center circle (or partial circle) but it eluded me as to which one. You may be thinking: "Does this woman not know what her quilts look like?" Yes. But I've made so many over the past 22 years that I don't always keep things straight.

Once inside my house again, I rushed upstairs and pulled a few quilts out of the closets. And I found the one I was looking for. I made it back in 2010 and it was rejected by my book publisher as being "too wild." I had it quilted by Connie Gallant and figured it could be a workshop. It does travel with me when I present trunk shows. Here she is:

My Geese Have the Blues: 12" blocks; 38" x 38"
This appears in my 2014 Wall Calendar of Quilts (out of print). Maybe you have the calendar?

My Geese Have the Blues
What's a little wild Targets fabric in those center circles going to hurt anyone? I think it continues the movement of the Flying Geese, don't you?

And I was having such fun with this pattern that I created two other samples using children's novelty prints.
Geese at the Zoo
 And one more . . .
Geese in My Neighborhood
I patterned these quilts (actually, only the first one, but the pictures of these two go along with the pattern on Craftsy). Making those Flying Geese in a ring is not hard with paper piecing. And I really had fun using those novelty prints. Now I have two baby quilts on hand for gifts. I quilted these last two on my HandiQuilter Sweet 16.


  1. I love the "too wild" quilt blue :)

  2. Wow! Such energetic quilts, Debby! I wonder if your publisher would still reject this as "too wild" in 2016?! I recently picked up the center and plaid fabrics in your "neighborhood" version, knowing the right quilt would come along! I agree this would make a great workshop or class, with the paper pieced geese, the arc, and the mitered border techniques. Perhaps at a future OSQE? Hoping to say hi at the Cleveland Expo next week. Safe travels! (janeherbst at roadrunner dot com)

  3. I especially like geese at the zoo - wonderful and bright for a baby. You have done more things than I could ever keep track of myself, so I'm not at all surprised you couldn't remember perfectly! Good for you walking like that. I used to, but since I moved to this house, the hills are too hard on my knees - very steep!


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