Calendar Girls Quilt #2: Colorburst Squares

Quilt #2 from my Best of 2 Calendar Quilts 2012 pattern is Colorburst Squares. This first appeared in Quilt Magazine in 2007. It became a popular workshop. The beauty of this quilt is that it is made using ONLY 10-1/2" squares. No templates, no triangles, no fussy cutting. There are three different blocks which are variations of the Cobblestone Block.

Colorburst Squares Quilt: 72" x 82"
The squares are stacked, sliced using an acrylic ruler and then sewn back together. Notice how the center square "floats" from block to block. That's because each of the three simple blocks have slightly different cutting dimensions.

Here is the ensemble I made using the Island Batiks fabrics (so yummy)!
Colorburst Squares with my Fleur de Lis pillows
I also used a wonderful collection from Windham called Multidot combined with some of their blender solids called Spin. Here are some of the 10-1/2" squares I cut out:

10-1/2" squares cut and ready to sew
 And a better shot of my squares:

Squares of Spin and Multidot
I found these blocks the other day in a box leftover from my workshops from 2012. I think I just need to sew them together, right? But, wait! In the same box are 15 more squares ready to be cut. That would mean I could make another large quilt (like the batik one above). With borders it would be 66" x 76". Hmmm. Maybe this weekend?

16 blocks waiting to become a quilt center
It really is a fun technique with no fabric waste. Any fabrics with good contrast will work.

And I just found one more quilt (yes, I lose track of these things). This is the 16 block quilt which was the class sample. It measures 54" x 54". Just needs to be quilted.

16 Block Colorburst Squares Quilt
You can find the Colorburst Squares pattern on my Best of Calendar Quilts 2012 compilation. It's offered at my Craftsy store for only $10. You can order it from me, too. (Send an email to: for ordering info.)

All 13 quilts are contained on one CD. You can print all files from the 92 page pdf as you need them.

See you next time with Quilt #3, Hearts on Fire.


  1. So good! This pattern, like so many of yours, plays so well in many different fabric styles. Many quilts, never the same look repeated. Thanks for sharing! (janeherbst at roadrunner dot com)

  2. Hello Debby; This looks like such a fun pattern that you would want to do over and over. Each one of the quilts that you have shared today are great, but I adore the polka dots and solids! I hope that you do make a larger quilt and share it with us when you complete it. Looking forward to seeing more of your spectacular creations!

  3. That's a fabulous quilt! It could be done in so many different ways and colors and be beautiful and new every time.


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