FREE Pattern Friday: Go Fish!

Sometimes I have just a little bit of a FABULOUS print that I want to S-T-R-E-T-CH out into a quilt. Crazy, but true. (What, you don't have something like that in your stash?)

I bought some 6" bundles of Kaffe Fassett, Brandon Mably and Phillip Jacobs prints a few years ago and found two 6" x wof strips of a fish print. It's called Shoal and is by the designer Brandon Mably.

(Have you seen my Pinterest board - Facets of Color - that features dozens of my quilts made using their fabric?)

Shoal print in yellow
How can I stretch this out? How about a Rail Fence block? And to supersize it, I used the whole width of this 6" strip and the side strips are cut 3". Here is the top before quilting. I made this in July 2016. Size: 40" x 40", perfect for a child! Take special note of the flowers and green grass.

Go Fish! out on my deck, chilling with the flowers
 Let's go back to the fabric requirements:
  • One 5-1/2" x wof strip of a single novelty print (Shoal in yellow)
  • One 5-1/2" x wof strip of a second novelty print (Shoal in pink)
  • One 5-1/2" x 10-1/2" strip of a complimentary print (Striped Heraldic) for the center block
  • Two 3" x wof green strips (or whatever color goes with the first print)
  • Two 3" x 10-1/2" green strips to go with the print for the center block (Heraldic)
  • Two 3" x wof strips (yellow) to go with the lighter, pink fish print)
  • Four 1-1/2" x wof strips (my orange) for the inner border
  • Four 4-1/2" x wof strips (my yellow print) for the outer border
  • 3/8 to 1/2 yard for binding
You can strip piece the fish prints with the striped fabric and then cut four units as shown. Sew one 3" x wof strip to each long side of your 5-1/2" x wof fish print. Press seams. The height of this strip set is 10-1/2". Now cut 10-1/2" units from your strip sets. Each set will yield four 10-1/2" blocks.

Strip Piecing and Cutting the Blocks

And the resulting blocks:

Making the 9 Blocks
And the center:

Now, let's see the finished quilt. Remember the first picture with all the flowers and green grass? Same deck, different month: January 2018 and we are in a deep freeze. But those fish are still smiling!

Go Fish! quilt finished, and freezing on my snow filled deck
Hope you enjoyed seeing how you can make a VERY quick quilt letting the fabric do all the work!


  1. I have always thought of rail fence as using only same size strips. You have opened up my mind. I have really learned something wonderful from this post. Your rail fence looks great and seems quick and easy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. Another great way to use novelty prints. Ideal child or lap size and perfect for some medium-large scale prints in my stash. Thanks for sharing, Debby! (janeherbst at roadrunner dot com)

  3. Greetings, This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing it.
    Appreciate your knowledge and inspirations.

  4. I love it !!! thank you ever sew much. Just found out new grand due in May is a boy :) I have some fabrics perfect for this.


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