Lakeland 2018 Sewing Expo Classes

Year # 11 for teaching with the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo! I love being able to create new workshops annually; it really animates me to do new things with new fabric for old and new students.

What's happening in Lakeland, FL March 15-17, 2018? Well, here are the classes I'm offering.

Big Block Lone Star: Thursday, March 15, 8:30 - 11:30 am

Big Block Lone Star. Block: 29" x 29". Quilt with borders: 40" x 40"
Make a Lone Star Quilt in a day! No need to tediously cut out templates when you can simply rotary cut and strip piece for accuracy with NO y-seams. This is a wonderful BIG block (29”) and makes a great wall or child’s quilt (40” with borders). Bring your own fabric, see supply list for details.

And just to show you that this is one of my "go-to" patterns, a few other quilts made with this VERY easy technique. No y-seams, btw!

Big Block Lone Star appeared in my Supersize 'Em Quilts book (2009)
And, of course, the Four Patch Star can have a different look based on the way you piece the units together! This 9 Block quilt (Farmhouse West Stars) shows the possibilities. Your choice!

Farmhouse West Stars
And a few smaller ones (same technique) made into large table mats.
Single Lone Star blocks

Waterwheels Quilt: Thursday, March 15, 1-4 pm

Black and Red Waterwheels Quilt. 36 blocks
 And just 16 blocks demonstrate my "When Four Becomes Five Blocks" assembly.

Black and Red Waterwheels center
Red, black and white is a timeless color combination for quilts, as we can see in this updated Waterwheels quilt – we first saw the original in 2001. Learn to create those awesome, sharp points (which spin in two directions) using paper piecing techniques. You’ll also learn about accurate 1/4” seams and working with curved units. Of course, you can make this quilt in any color combination you desire! All patches can be pre-cut ahead of time so you begin sewing right away! Detailed supply list at the OSQE website includes a coloring chart for you to audition your own fabrics!

The Gretchen Quilt: Friday, March 16: 8:30 - 11:30 am
This is such an easy block to sew!

The Gretchen Quilt. Block Size: 9"
It’s hard to believe this traditional block, Gretchen, can be sewn without a single template. Everything is cut from two sizes of simple squares; the magic arrives with a quick rotary cutting trick. Debby chose a bright collection of florals and deep hued blenders for this quilt, but you can choose any of your own colors with good contrast to show off the lines of the block. As always, Debby’s classes provide all the hints and helpful tips that make them so much better than a simple pattern or kit. And they’re fun, too! Bring your own fabric; Detailed pdf supply list at the OSQE web site.

And a few other color ways to get your ideas swirling.

My first Gretchen quilt made 10+ years ago
Some indigo blues I bought when I lived in Africa 40+ years ago!

Four Gretchen blocks in blue and white 
And these reds are also from Africa!

Four Gretchen blocks in red and white
And one in very girlie colors of pink and green - my favorite!
Pinks and greens
Double Hexie Star: Friday, March 16: 1-4 pm

There are NO y-seams; everything is rotary cut. You can fussy cut your center hexagon (info given in supply list on what to consider).

Hexagons branch out into double stars with this easy-to-piece block with NO y-seams! No kidding! You’ll create a block with the illusion of intricate piecing and the bonus of a large space in the center to showcase an awesome motif. All patches are cut with a 60 degree ruler, assembly is a dream! Bring your own fabric, 2 page pdf supply list has a planning sheet for you to audition your fabrics!

Double Hexie Star Block: 16" x 18"
 My two block Double Hexie Star quilt:

28" x 42"
 And one more block to show how the center can feature a lush, large floral motif.

Fussy cut the center motif
Machine Quilting: Basics and Beyond: Saturday, March 17: 8:30 - 11:30 am

Using Debby's KISS Method (Keep It Small & Simple), discover how liberating free-motion machine quilting can be. Discuss appropriate threads, various batting choices and basting your layers, then use your time for lots of PRACTICE. Play with doodles, swirls, curves and other simple shapes, as you are coached and gently guided into this exciting world. A perennial favorite at the Expo, this workshop is perfect for both beginning and intermediate level free-motion quilters.

We cover a variety of free motion "doodles"
 I include my Love Dove for you to doodle inside

Love Dove to outline, then doodle inside
 And, of course, Fat Cat! What's not to love?

Fat Cat
I have so many samples to inspire you.

So many ways to fill in your space


  1. Hi Debby,
    Well you are certainly tempting me to come down to FL for a class or two or three! Waaa - it's not meant to be for me this time though. ~smile~ Roseanne


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