Upcoming Classes at the Atlanta Sewing Expo

Back again for the 11th year and I thoroughly enjoy getting to Atlanta and my many students who make my teaching so worthwhile!

The Atlanta Original Sewing and Quilt Expo is March 8-10, and there is a special Day Before on Wednesday, March 7th. Check this out because I teach two classes on that day.

Wednesday, March 7: 9 am - 5 pm More the Day Before with Machine Quilting and the Gretchen Quilt

We learn beginning Machine Quilting in the morning, have a lunch break (lunch provided) and then the afternoon is spent making my easy Gretchen Quilt!

We start with the basics in Machine Quilting, including some stencils.

We learn about stencils
 And my Love Dove is traceable and then we doodle inside:

I have LOTS of samples to inspire and teach!

                                                                                                                                                                     And in the afternoon, we have my Gretchen Quilt. This is made using ONLY two sizes of squares, which are then cut into triangles and stitched in a unique way. NO templates, honest!

My multi-colored Gretchen Quilt
   And some Gretchen blocks destined for another one (or two) quilts.   

Navy and white blocks
 And how about some classic red and white?

Navy and white blocks
Check out the link and description for the Wednesday class (Machine Quilting and Gretchen). The machine quilting practice samples are included in the kit fee and the Gretchen quilt is Bring Your Own Fabric and the supply list includes a fabric planning and coloring chart.

Thursday, March 8: 8:30 - 11:30 am: Big Block Lone Star

This is a pattern I return to again and again. All rotary cut with NO y-seams! I have several samples; let me show them to you! The centers are 29". Can you say "BIG"?

You can decide where your colors go in the Four Patch diamonds (there are 8 diamonds).
29" Lone Star center!
And one with a holiday theme that uses a single fabric for the diamonds.

8-Point Star with single fabric diamonds
And just to show you that this is one of my "go-to" patterns, a few other quilts made with this VERY easy technique. No y-seams, btw!

Big Block Lone Star appeared in my Supersize 'Em Quilts book (2009)
And, of course, the Four Patch Star can have a different look based on the way you piece the units together! This 9 Block quilt (Farmhouse West Stars) shows the possibilities. Your choice!

Farmhouse West Stars
And a few smaller ones (same technique) made into large table mats.
Single Lone Star blocks
Thursday, Wednesday March 8: 1-4 pm: Waterwheels

This is a remake of my Green Waterwheels quilt from my book Paper Piecing Perfect Points. Here is the original quilt:
Original Spinning Waterwheels quilt
Here is the quilt our class is based on, all paper pieced. We learn that plus how to attach the curved background pieces (very easy with my slick technique of pinning). These are the center blocks.

Black, Red and White Waterwheels quilt
And here is the final quilt top (without borders). We obviously won't be able to finish this, but it's fun to dream (and keep sewing)!
Updated Waterwheels quilt

No y-seams. All patches cut with a 60 degree ruler. A great place to showcase a gorgeous motif in the center hexagon. Did I say no y-seams?

The kit fee includes a multi-sized 60 degree ruler. If you bring your own, I'll refund some of the kit fee (you have to have your pattern, right?)

Double Hexie Star 18" block
 And here is our larger class project with a two block runner or wall quilt.

Two blocks make a wonderful wall quilt
And one more fabulous center motif:

Double Hexie Star block
Check out the Atlanta Sewing Expo classes and other exciting happenings.



  1. Hi Debby,
    No travel to Atlanta for me, but I sure do like the Gretchen block! It reminds me of Hunter's Star . . . maybe just the colors used or something. I would love to take a class taught by you! Do you attend any other Expos? ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Hello Debby; I would love to be able to take a class with you! But for now, I will continue to learn from you with all of the spectacular patterns, tips and tutorials you share here on your blog! Plus, the other sites or magazines where I have come across your quilts! I look forward to being able to make more blocks this year and crossing my fingers to make your Hearts and Gizzards pattern! Have a fantastic day!


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