Friday, May 25, 2018

2019 Block a Day Calendar is Coming!

This is my 13th year creating this calendar. It's hard to believe I still have ideas remaining in my head (I'm working on the 2020 calendar/contract right now)

Here is a sneak peek at the cover and one of the projects:

2019 Quilt Block a Day Calendar
The above link will take you to Amazon (I do NOT have any of those annoying affiliate links with $$). Just check it out.

Here is the back cover:
Back cover of calendar for 2019
And an October project that is featured on Amazon:

Autumn Colors Quilt
One of the blocks:
Autumn Blooms Block
And the cutting for making the block:
The back of the color page shows cutting
 This is where I tear my hair out: the fabric calculations for each project. I DO NOT work in Electric Quilt which would have you purchase WAY more fabric than needed. I do this the old fashioned way - with my brain and a calculator.
The yardage amounts and cutting for sashing and borders/binding

You can visit the publisher's web site and order it from there, too. Andrews McMeel is the world's largest calendar publisher, so I'm just a small fry in such a big skillet!

Visit AMM and you will find two other online links to purchase this calendar. Don't ask me why they don't aggressively market to quilt shops! I've stopped asking. If you are familiar with this calendar and buy it from your local quilt shop, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

I hope to share multiple pictures of the quilt projects in the coming weeks. I think you'll agree: they are pretty amazing. I even got some modern quilts in there (no kidding!)


  1. I enjoy my daily calendar each morning, purchased it from Martingale's many years ago. When I see your name on a project I know I'm going to love it and so I'll be looking forward to the new one. Love the October 1 project and will look forward to having some quilting fun. Thank you for giving us so many great tips.

  2. Have preordered the new calendar. July can't get here quick enough. Thanks for letting us know and thank you for always giving us something to keep us enthusiastic about our great hobby!

  3. I just ordered from, one for me and one as a surprise for a friend. Thanks for continuing to have such great ideas. :)

  4. Hi Debby,
    How cool!! Shoot, I wish my birthday was October 1st or 2nd so I could see what my special day's block is. HAHA!
    Happy Saturday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. The happy hour beers are listed in red on the menu with about twelve or so to choose from as I recall with some decent choices. Looks like the LA venues have a nice little pub menu but we did not try any of that on this evening.

  6. I do purchase your calendars even though I've not had time to make any of the blocks. However, I love looking at them and learning from your teaching.

  7. I am planning on giving a few of these for Christmas gifts. :)


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