Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Seven Sisters Quilt for Today's Quilters

Just because you know how to - and can - sew a y-seam, doesn't mean you want to!

The traditional Seven Sisters block involves a LOT of y-seams. Did I say A LOT? Of course, there aren't any y-seams when you let the embroidery machine do all the stitching! This is over 20 years old!

Embroidered Seven Sisters
Now, what does one of those 6-Pointed Stars look like? Here is the beginning of my English Paper Pieced (EPP) Seven Sisters quilt. Each star is made using 12 diamonds. Yes, lots of y-seams.

English Paper Pieced 6-Pointed Stars
And here it is with the other "sisters."
Seven Sisters table topper (EPP)
 And here is what it looks like from the wrong side, before I removed the papers.

EPP Seven Sisters from the wrong side
I don't hand sew much. I wanted to make this quilt using my sewing machine. And NO y-seams! I took out the y-seams and created my workshop for making the Seven Sisters. Here are my classroom samples. This is made from rotary cut diamonds and two sizes of easy-to-cut triangles. Yes, some of the diamonds are made from triangles - and that's the SECRET to this pattern!

Seven Sisters in batiks
 And one that is quilted! You can get more details at my Craftsy site (where I sell the pattern).
Seven Sisters in warm browns and pinks
One of my students shared her Seven Sisters top with me. Thank you, Denese Rudolph. (Are you beginning to see my "secret" piecing?)

Seven Sisters by Denese Rudolph
I saved the best for last. One of my students in Arizona last October is also a teacher at the local junior college. She actually teaches quilting! Ann Marie Stegan ordered patterns and rulers for her students and they set out to make their own Seven Sisters quilts. A big WOW here!

Ann Marie's students with finished toppers
 And some close up:

Look at these beautiful quilts - and students!

Seven Sisters without y-seams!
 And one last pic:
Ann Marie Stegan's student quilts
Thank you, ladies. I love your work. I love your color choices. And I know you had a great time because everything was straight-seam sewing. Easy to cut; easy to stitch.

You can read more about the pattern by clicking the links above. You will need a multi-sized 60 degree triangle ruler for cutting the triangles. The diamonds are cut using a standard acrylic ruler.

Hope you enjoyed the show - and thanks for stopping by. (I read ALL your comments; my computer and browser won't let me comment on my own blog! So, if you include an email I will get back to you soon if I'm not traveling and teaching.)


  1. I like the sound of your pattern, so thank yo for the link :-) What great results! Wow and well done to all those sewists!

  2. It looks like the Star of David!

  3. I loved making this pattern!! Planning a second, and probably 3rd and 4th!

  4. Love it. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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