February Projects in the 2019 Quilter's Calendar

Let's see some more of the upcoming quilts in the 2019 Quilter's Block a Day Calendar. It's more than blocks - there are whole quilts (42 of them).

(For those who want to see 6 months of my 2018 calendar - I'm still uploading - you can visit my Pinterest Board to see 33 projects!)

Here are the ones that appear in February of the 2019 calendar:

The Vintage Redwork Sampler has 9" blocks and finishes to 32" x 32". Borders are your option to finish this larger. Perfect for those who enjoy redwork embroidery. These blocks appeared in the Kansas City Star in the 1930s and I redrafted them (tediously in Adobe Illustrator) 15 years ago. Timeless!

Vintage Redwork Sampler

This hearts Sampler uses 7" blocks (paper pieced except for the Scrolled Hearts in the Center) and finishes to 35" x 35".
Hearts Sampler
Castles in the Air has both 4" and 12" blocks for a 40" x 40" quilt.

Castles in the Air
And the fourth quilt for February is Tulip Time. Blocks are a whopping 16" for a 64" x 64" quilt.

Tulip Time Quilt
I hope you enjoyed seeing the upcoming projects in my 2019 calendar. So many blocks, so little time . . .


  1. some nice designs in your calendar.

  2. I definitely enjoyed seeing these! I've been out of the loop for a while, so it is so much fun to take some time to check your blog today!

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  4. Definitely enjoyed! And I'm thinking that Tulips and Redwork could be combined in some way to make a lovely and larger quilt, too.


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