Windham Wednesdays with Bedrock

I love coming into contact with a solid set of "blenders" that have a lot of possibilities. Such it is with Bedrock from Windham Fabrics. These were released in January and I assume they will be with us for a long time. We are always looking for solids that aren't solids, if you know what I mean!

I have been working on my 2020 Quilting Calendar (yes, I am!) and designed a simple carrot block. Carrots? Really? Yes! Let me show you!

Windham sent me all 70 of the Bedrock skus, each being a fat quarter. You can't do a lot with fat quarters, or can you? Remember my quilt from last week made using fat quarters of Birdsong? That big quilt was made using ONLY fat quarters. Even the border.

I selected 3 fabrics of Bedrock for my simple block. Of course there's a real orangey - orange! I decided to make a version of my Eat Your Carrots pattern.

Fabrics selected for my Carrot blocks
 I printed my carrot pattern (for foundation piecing) five times. It will finish to 6".

Five Carrot Blocks
I pulled a Summer sky blue print and used that for my setting triangles. I selected a second cream for the border strips. And here is my quilt. What do you think?

Eat Your Carrots, 25-1/2"x 25-1/2"
You can find this 6 page Eat Your Carrots pattern in my Craftsy store. It has clear directions and illustrations and even patch cutting templates for that carrot shape so you don't waste a lot of fabric trying to make things fit. I think Bugs Bunny would be very happy to have this hanging in his house, don't you think?


  1. So cute, and such a great name for a fabric line. I love this little pattern. With a bunny block, it would make a perfect baby quilt, too.

  2. Perfect inspiration :) and what attention to detail! I admire and congratulate.



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