A Creative Quilt Using Leftovers

Several years ago I did a blog post using the Knitty Kitty fabrics by Benartex. I fussy cut a few of the leftovers and used them for the centers of some Grandmother Flower Garden (GFG) blocks. These use 2" hexagons. I had several I made up into kits for my students in my English Paper Piecing classes. I had two leftover blocks that were waiting for a home.

Knitty Kitty GFG Block parts
I made a few things with these sweet fabrics (click this link and go to see the blog post). Just to be perfectly clear: I do NOT know how to knit, only crochet. But yarn is yarn and so we all can live together in peace.

Some of the Knitty Kitty fabrics (2013)
Here is a shot of the fabric with these sweet kitties. I wish I still had some .

Knitty Kitty print

One of the two leftover blocks I had made.
One more kitty in the center
My daughter Audrey asked me if I had a kitty quilt I could give to the daughter of a woman she knew. I am not a cat person, but you can be sure I have kitty fabric. I remembered these two blocks (which were already stitched), but I didn't have four! What to do?

Work with what I DID have, of course! Here is the simple 4 Block quilt I made with 2 blocks and 2 squares. These are 12-1/2" squares and then I put borders on for a sweet little girl's quilt.

Who says I needed four EPP blocks? I made do with what I had and the little child who got the quilt was so excited! The two blue print squares are smiling suns, so happiness everywhere.

Simple child's quilt
What's this post all about? Make do with what you have. Think outside the box (or outside the BLOCK.) Personally, I think it has more personality than four EPP blocks, don't you?


  1. What a clever idea. Thanks for sharing

  2. Very cute! I agree that working with what you have often can lead to more creative quilts.

  3. Debby! Great quilt! I have so many random blocks, you are right...thinking outside the box... I need to make something and get them out of the house where someone else can love them!

  4. I think the kitty blocks are adorable and a great way to use them.

  5. Exactly! That's what I'm doing with odd UFOs. Just made do and use up some of those scraps.


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