Free Pattern Day: Frosted Blocks (and more)

Don't think Christmas! Just because you see Frosty the Snowman doesn't mean he only comes around at Christmas time. When there's snow, there's Frosty! This is a delightful 1930s print that is Winter themed (ok, I know you see gingerbread houses and Christmas stockings and candy canes - what can I say?) This is Frosted Blocks.

Frosted Blocks: 56" x 65"
This uses my tried and true pattern which I call Tilt. I first made this style of quilt in 2002 when I looked at the Tri-Recs ruler and figured I could "tilt" some charm squares. I called it "The Talking Quilt" because the squares are novelty prints that would get the interest of a child and get them to "talk" about each one. Don't use this for nap time - they won't go to sleep!

The Talking Quilt
Then I made it again for Windham in 2007:

Tumbling Dice - FREE pattern
Then I made it again using another Windham Fabrics collection called "Cream and Sugar."

Cream and Sugar quilt
And again for P and B Textiles (2017) and that is a FREE pattern, too!

Where the Wild Things Are - FREE pattern!

OK, that's enough. I have more but I'll leave those for another day. Click on those links above and you can have THREE FREE patterns that use my Tilt Block. If you have a Tri-Recs ruler, the Creative Grids Perfect Rectangle ruler or my set of Arrowheads Rulers, then these will work.

 TEMPLATES are included in each of the patterns, of course!!


  1. Thank you Debby. You are so generous with your creativities. I love this cute pattern.

  2. Thank you for the lovely pattern

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  4. Hi Debby! I do have the Tri-Recs ruler that I rarely use. I bought it for some Christmas tree blocks and then they went into rulerland storage. Meaning I'm not sure where I put them. But these patterns may just cause me to pull them out of hiding, assuming I can figure out where that is. thanks for all the cute links! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Thanks! I just recently used my Tri-Recs ruler and am looking forward to finding more patterns to use it. I hear you can make HRTs with it.

  6. Hello Debby,
    I'm trying to find a pattern of yours called "Baby Tumbling Blocks" to buy and am having no luck. Could you or one of your followers direct me to the right place? It's a dear little quilt and I'm going to try my best to make it. Thank you
    Eileen Beatrice


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