Red Hat BOM: The Glove

Here it is February and we are FREEZING here in Virginia. I need to wear my gloves. I usually wear fingerless gloves, even in the bitterest of winter. But, lately I am wearing full-finger gloves because it's cold (did I already say that?)

Today I share my Red Hat glove, the second in the BOM. I have a glove for both the left and right hands. These are NOT the kind I wear when shoveling snow. These are fancy with a contrasting cuff and 3 little buttons on the side.

Gloves for both hands!

I made the left hand first. I used a simple zigzag stitch on the main red fabric first.

Then I placed the cuff and "buttons." Here's what it looks like from the wrong side.

Simple zigzag stitch from the wrong side.
Now let's see them one at a time. Left hand:

Left hand glove
 Right hand:
Right hand glove
This is available through my Etsy shop: February Glove. Remember, since I no longer have a Craftsy shop where I was able to offer these for free last year, I priced them at a low price of $1.00 (I have to pay Etsy fees).

Take a visit to my Red Hat Stepping Out Facebook page, too.


  1. Thanks, Debby, those are nice gloves! I'm the only right-handed girl in my family, so I could make both gloves!


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