Windham Wednesdays with Uncorked

Yes, I've blogged about Windham's Uncorked fabrics before. They are so lovely and keep calling to me in my sewing room. They sit at the front of one of my shelves and are always watching me. They keep whispering, "Hey! I will go with ANY fabrics in this room. ANY of them. Let us prove it!"

Uncorked by Windham Fabrics
I even made a quilt (since gifted) trying to use every. Single. Sku. Honest, I did. First, I cut a lot of squares. LOOK AT ALL THOSE GORGEOUS FABRICS!

Here's a remake of a quilt that was stolen in 2005. I called it 98 Dancing Squares. I gave this to a very happy young woman, a dear friend of one of my daughters.

98 Dancing Squares
Now, let me show you what I've been working on recently. Or, I should say - I started this a year ago, then moved to another house, and just this week rediscovered it. (I have to be honest, don't I?)

Uncorked and my Dresden ruler
I chose just two colors (a gray and a medium sky blue) and had an idea. Most times my ideas morph and this was no exception. But I had to start somewhere!

Uncorked Dresden plate wedges
I only had fat quarters - but I did have two fat quarters of each of the two colors! I made some simple Dresden blocks. I finished the lower corners using a triangle and not a circle.

Four quarter blocks make a 20" Dresden Plate
But, then I began to think of a new assembly for blocks that I've been exploring. What do you think?

Switching things around
I DIDN'T SAY I WAS FINISHED! This is just a start. But I've run out of time (because I leave to teach tomorrow at Quilt Odyssey), but here is a digital image of a little shakeup of the patches.

A slightly different approach to a Dresden Plate
Everything's cut out and I'm loving it! Go check out the Uncorked page at the Windham site and see how these beautiful blenders offer a different way to augment just about any fabrics!

As for borders, I may do the same treatment as I did on 98 Dancing Squares. Remember, I only have fat quarters. I never let that stop me!


  1. I like this design, Debby. Adding the 2nd corner triangle in the center block opposite the points is a good touch. Oh, the possibilities! Just what a need, another project idea! Thank you as always for inspirations! Safe travels!

  2. Hi Debby! These fabrics are just gorgeous. I will check out the Windham link and drool over them. Your different Dresden Plate look fab, I think. I look forward to seeing where you take these blocks. ~smile~ Roseanne


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