Windham Wednesdays with Fantasy

Sometimes you see a collection that calls your name! I felt that way with Windham's Fantasy. Four color families, and yet they ALL go together. Organic, fresh, happy, no - exuberant! What do you think?

Fantasy Collection by Windham Fabrics
I started to piece some curved blocks using some of their Artisan Cottons (think: shot cottons).

Artisan Cottons
I used an older pattern I designed for Windham several years ago called Moonstruck. Just a few halves in process. More coming as I mix and match the Artisans with the Fantasies.

Two block parts using the Moonstruck templates
But as I was working on that Dresden Plate design last week using Uncorked, I realized that I could perk up my project by using a few of the Fantasy skus and one more Uncorked.

Two Fantasy and a companion Uncorked fat quarter
Now back to that Dresden design. Do you remember how I left it? You can see the whole post HERE.

Uncorked Dresdens
I finished piecing the dresden wedges, squeezed the life out of the gray background (remember, I was sent fat quarters!) and here is what I got:

Fantasy and Uncorked Dresden Descending quilt: 40" x 40"
When all you have are fat quarters, you have to get creative with your borders. Each of those strips are 10-1/2" wide (except for those on the corners). That's an easy measurement to get from a fat quarter. I loved the salmon color to accent my center fabrics.

Why did I call this Descending? It reminds me of what I did for a quilt that appeared in my 3rd book, Paper Piecing Perfect Points. I split the blocks as they "descend" in a diagonal, giving the illusion that there are more whole blocks than there are. I have resurrected this concept in quilts I'm making these days and I know you'll be seeing more of these!

Descending, from Paper Piecing Perfect Points
As they say: So much fabric, so little time! I'll never get to emptying my stash, but I'm having a good time trying!


  1. Love this line also, Debby. Thanks for sharing. I NEED to find it! LOL

  2. I love the designs and the fabrics.


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