Pentagon Week, Day Five

I received a collection of fabrics in 2013 from Ana Griffin called Chinoiserie. One of the prints was so exotic looking. It's the one with that regal pheasant sitting on her cage. I still had some of it left.

I used it in this quilt which I gave to a neighbor who was given a cancer diagnosis. She was thrilled to have such a beautiful quilt to snuggle under. I used the pheasant print to set my One Block Wonder blocks.

I made this pentagon wreath last year and it was looking for a special motif for the center. I remembered that pheasant print. I stitched the wreath onto the centered print and then trimmed it away. Now it's ready to be attached to the green background square.


Pentagon wreath with the fussy cut pheasant in the center

Then I stitched it to the green square and trimmed away the excess from underneath.

Trimmed wreath

Here's my block! Now, what was I going to do?

13-1/2" pentagon wreath block

I pulled out more strips and decided to begin surrounding it as I've done with several other unique blocks, orphan blocks, etc. This is what I have so far. Strips and corner squares will be added until I'm pooped out!

Regal peacock centered in a pentagon wreath

And one more orphan block that I discovered some companions for. But I love this fussy cut center motif, don't you?

Hope you enjoyed Pentagon Week. I've got to think of some more themes. I kind of like these, don't you?


  1. I DO like these - all of them! There are so many creative possibilities with pentagons - as many as with hexagons, for sure! Thanks for sharing some great ideas in this series.


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