Pentagon Week, Day Three

You have to get creative when the only fabric cuts are fat quarters. I honestly don't mind. I am rather tired of single fabric borders. I finished this quilt center last Spring and I pulled it out on Sunday. I had to be careful with my cuts, but I was able to make it work. This was made using the Spellbound Collection by Katia Hoffman for Windham Fabrics. Click that link and you'll find an awesome Look Book, too.

Here's the center again:

Six Pentagon Wreath blocks using the Spellbound Collection

These are 13" blocks. The pentagon wreaths were made using English Paper Piecing with 2" pentagon papers. I cut up one of the panels (sku # 51961M-X) and had enough for those 3 horizontal sashing units. This way I was able to stagger the blocks for an interesting (and less boring) assembly. Here's a look at how I auditioned the six little panels. Yes, those panels are actually octagon shaped, but they work!

Now for the borders. The width was determined by those two navy/red strips at the top and bottom centers (5" height). Notice how I staggered the red and green prints on the sides: blue against the red blocks, red against the navy blocks. This has such a romantic feel to it!

I hope to quilt this in the next few days. Not sure what I'll do for the binding, but I think I can find something suitable in my stash.

Tomorrow, for Day 4, I have a few more pentagon creations up my sleeve. So, come on back and enjoy!


  1. Very neat. Enjoy your day. 🌷🌻

    1. Hi, Angie. I'm slow these days. Many thanks for stopping by last week. Glad you enjoyed the blocks and techniques!

  2. Thanks! I have so much fun finding things to center in those pentagon wreaths! Wait until you see tomorrow!

  3. Is there a template for that pentagon???

    1. Susie. That’s a 2” pentagon. That means the length of each side (from point to point) measures 2”. Can you draft it in EQ or even draw it?

      You can also find FREE EPP papers online. Do a search and see if you can come up with something.

      I also like to use the 1-3/4” size. These things are addictive!


  4. I wondered what you were going to do for borders when I clicked over to see this one. Trust you to always find a solution to anything that I think is tricky. =)

    1. When you only have fat quarters, you learn how to make pieced borders!


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