Pentagon Week, Day Four

This is one of my absolute FAVORITE quilts! I made it last year and shared it here. I was using the Fox Wood Collection by Becky Olmstead for Windham Fabrics. You can see one of my posts here. I fussy cut several of the forest animals and centered them in another pentagon wreath! Only this time, I used a hexagon for the center and 6 pentagons to surround it (that's because a hexagon has 6 sides!).

Hexagons and Pentagons from Fox Wood

8 blocks and two half blocks make up the center. Those borders were cut from fat quarters. Isn't this fun? I have this pattern in my Etsy store.

Fox Wood Forest Animals

Here's one of the blocks up close. Aren't those sassy looking geese?

Pentagon wreath with triangle corners

And one of the half blocks:

Goose half block

Here are some of those animals up close. I made 8 of these for the Marketing Director of Windham because she was SO taken with my quilt that featured them in such a cute way.

More animals from the Fox Wood

Tomorrow I have one last group of pentagon blocks and ideas. Hope you'll come back and see.


  1. I LOVE playing with hexies (and their family). Thank you for sharing your ideas when working with these little charms. They are beautiful.

  2. AAbsolutely love that fabric and the hexies.

    1. I think this Fox Wood collection is my all time favorite, too, Charlene. My grandkids love it when I make little cards for them with the animals.

  3. This is one of my favorites of your quilts. I liked the way you used the Fox Wood fabric, too. The arrangement using half blocks is one of those creative leaps I'd never make if you didn't go there first. =)

    1. I know I replied already via email, but others didn't see that I did. Half-blocks sure fixed the assembly, right? As always, glad to have you stop by!

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