Star Spinners

Today is Winter Solstice and I'm thinking about the sun and stars and light. I haven't made any new Winter Solstice quilts this year, so I thought I'd share a quilt that was 10 years in the making!

I call this Star Spinners and it's a variation on a pattern by Pat Speth. I used two colors and cut my half-square triangle units only in half (and not into 3rds). It would make a fun class (and I've been thinking about that for about 10 years!) The browns and pinks and creams are lovely together.

Star Spinners. 9" blocks. 38" x 47" quilt

I decided to test my rudimentary pattern which had incomplete notes. I couldn't remember some of the little tricks, so I pulled out some fabrics and came up with 6 blocks in my "test" fabric. But I also rearranged the colors. Which one do you like? The first set mixes up the colors in each block instead of using one color for the star.

Star Spinners Blocks, Arrangement #1

Or, this second version, which is like the brown and pink quilt finished above, with each star a single color.

Star Spinners Blocks, Arrangement #2

I have a whole collection of a new set of blenders from Michael Miller called Krystal and pulled a green, a purple and a few others from the set. I'll make enough blocks for a 16 block quilt and then show you what I decided. But, I'm leaning towards the multi-colored stars! How about you?

Krystal blenders by Michael Miller

Let me know what you think about these Star Spinner blocks. I'm tending toward the multi color blocks.


  1. I like #1 with the multi-colored stars!

  2. I like #1. Is there a printable pattern for this. I have a layer cake of "Flowers for Freya" that would look great in this pattern for a friend.

    1. Hi, Pam (there is no email for you so I can get through to you other than this blog). There isn't a pattern yet for Star Spinners. I'm still working on the multi-colored blocks (yesterday and today). Thanks for your interest - I'll announce here when the pattern is available.


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