Retiring My Mariner's Compass Classes - and FREE Pattern

I created the Beginner's Mariner's Compass pattern about 15 years ago. Taught it many, many times. Used it for fabric companies; starred in my 3rd book (Paper Piecing Perfect Points) and generally strutted its stuff when I presented trunk shows for quilt guilds. She's retired!

Beginner's Mariner's Compass. 16" block. 28" x 28" quilt

And the very first one I made. Same size.

Beginner's Mariner's Compass

Here's what I did with some of my samples, which combined with other parts to other quilts. These were in the workshop box and all I had to do was add borders! The addition of the flying geese border was an option for another class. This is going to my guild's charity quilt endeavors. Around 40" x 40".

Who Knew Nancy Drew? 34" x 34"

And another one that is simpler. It's got some kids' prints (Royal Court) in the first round of borders.

Mariner's Compass. 16" center block. 37" x 37" quilt

I expanded this center to add more piecing. I call it my Sassy Mariner's Compass (also retired). I finished one and have TWO TOPS that I'll let my quilt guild finish for me. My publisher didn't want this for my book - they didn't like the "sassy" red print in the center. Ha! I taught this many, many times.

Sassy Mariner's Compass. 22" center block. 38" x 38" quilt

I still have enough parts to make 2 or 3 Mariner's Compasses! I think I'll let my quilt guild help me.

Click on those links above to get the FREE pattern I designed for Blank Fabrics many years ago. It makes a 9 block quilt. Or just make one. Enjoy!


  1. Thank you. These are so pretty!

  2. I really like the look of the the center of the "Who Knew Nancy Drew" compass with the flying geese border around it. Did you use the background color for one of the sides of the points? It really makes the compass part look different from the other ones.
    On the Sassy Mariner's Compass is the outside ring of points the same size of the tips of ones in the inside compass? I like the look of that outer ring border too.
    I also like the simplicity and colors of the "very first one".

  3. I love the title "Who Knew Nancy Drew?" It appeals to my funny bone. Thank you for the pattern link. It makes a nice sized baby quilt or small gift.

    1. I realized the other day that there should be a COMMA between "knew" and "Nancy." It was supposed to be directed as a question to Nancy, not asking if anyone knew her! These things matter to me as a former high school English teacher and magazine editor! And yes, that Beginner's Mariner's Compass is perfect as a baby quilt center.


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