Lotsa Dancing Squares!

Well, why not another FREE pattern? You need inspiration to sew from your huge stash and many of you have the time. Even making one block will give you an idea if you want to make more. Like I always say:         "If you don't like one block, do you really think you'll like making 16 or 20 or more?"

This is from an older Windham Fabrics collection called Bright Basics.

Happy Squares: 46" x 52"  6" squares

This is a redo of another quilt I owned. And you know the story: it was one of the 30 quilts stolen in 2005. Not to worry! It's hanging on the Giant Quilt Rack in the sky. Here's the original which appeared in my first book: Bold, Black and Beautiful.

98 Dancing Squares. Smaller blocks (5")

Let me show you a few others made with the very same pattern.

Dancing Squares using Uncorked Collection by Windham Fabrics

And one more. This one is so sweet and one of the sweetest juvenile collections I've ever seen. The Forest Parade Collection by Windham. Let the fabric do the work. Very, very simple blocks! Click the link under the quilt and see the process shots. And a mini doll quilt made with the leftovers.

Forest Parade Dancing Squares

I might have another one or two, but at this time, I think you get the picture! I wish all of you the best. I wish you health and safety. And keep sewing!

And, in case you missed it, here is the link for the FREE pattern: Happy Squares.


  1. Interesting how different they look in different fabrics. My favorite is the one done in the Uncorked Collection.



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