Saturday, February 24, 2018

Gee's Bend Quilts Four, Five and Six

Today I introduce you to Mary Bennett and her Housetop Four Block quilt. This is an improvisational approach to a log cabin. Four log cabin blocks. Very irregular. Very creative. Very scrappy.

Housetop 4 Block by Mary Bennett: 77" x 82"
My version with a 25% scale reduction:

Housetop 4 Block: 57" x 65"
And a little information about Mary L. Bennett:

The next quilt is something many of us make from our kids' old denims. Take a look!

Work Clothes Denim: 46" x 60". Loretta Bennett
And my pattern, as close as I could get to Loretta's. I included those 4 pockets - yes, I did!

Work Clothes Denim by Debby Kratovil
And let's see Loretta Pettway Bennett and a little of her bio. She is pretty young (ok, younger than me), born in 1960. She has a lot of quilting left in her hands. And lots of great ideas for future quilts in her mind.

Loretta Pettway Bennett's bio
Now for Blocks and Strips. I love this quilt in its simplicity, the use of large pieces of fabric and a simple red, black and gray color scheme. (I don't have a larger image of this, my apologies)

Blocks and Strips by Loretta Bennett

And my version:
Blocks and Strips by Debby Kratovil: 50" x 62"
And some more bio information for Loretta Bennett:
Loretta Bennett and a picture of her Blocks and Strips quilt
Each of these patterns is available on my Craftsy site for download. I patterned them so any quilter with basic cutting and piecing knowledge can make them. And if you get a little improvisational with your seam allowances - so what? These are not your cookie cutter type quilts and no one will be the wiser if you stitched and chopped a little differently!

I hope you enjoyed seeing these 3 wonderful quilts. I have two more coming the first of the week. That makes a total of 8 quilts that I had the pleasure - and privilege - of patterning.


  1. Beautiful! I haven't seen this design before.

  2. Wonderful to have been made aware of the history. I have heard of Gee's Bend but have never research its history. Thank you


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