The Anniversary Sampler Quilt

Love is in the air! Happy Valentine's Day. Here is my recently finished Cupid's Arrows. More about my paper pieced Palm blocks another time!

Cupid's Arrows
But, what interests me today on Valentine's Day is the new book by quilting legend Donna Lynn Thomas: The Anniversary Sampler. It is a true love story of how she met and fell in love with her husband of 40 years. It is a delightful compilation of 40 blocks, all with meaning for their marriage.

The Anniversary Sampler
What I enjoyed, besides the sweet stories of following this man all over the world (he was a military man) and her adventures teaching quilting in Europe, are the beautiful blocks that EACH tell a story! There is:
Clay's Choice
Clay's Choice is so beautifully quilted! Just like the next one, Paddle Star.

Paddle Star
 Posey Basket is one I've made myself many times. It's sweet and the pink and reds are just like a Valentine!
Posey Basket
 Yankee Puzzle is made up of triangles, but the swirly quilting makes it look like it's dancing!
Yankee Puzzle
Donna's work is exquisite! There are wonderfully illustrated steps for both hand and machine piecing, how to make and use templates and even 7 different "keepsake" settings.

There are short, sweet stories throughout to go along with just about every block - about her husband, her children, her international quilting friends, her journeys.

Patterns throughout in one of the loveliest compilations of a block book WITH ways to put them into real quilts.

Go check out The Anniversary Sampler by Donna Lynn Thomas. Just a little taste of the book's description:

Celebrate any important event in life, from an anniversary or a birthday to a retirement or a memorial, with these 40 beautiful blocks and 7 customizable settings. Created to commemorate the author’s 40th anniversary of falling in love with her husband (and making her first quilt for him!), you can read the story behind each block, then make it personal by stitching in your own memories and using blank blocks for personal dedications. Piece and appliqué the stunning sampler quilt, or pick and choose your blocks and setting to suit your own needs and taste.


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